Curling Shoes

curling shoes

Shoes in curling are a specific type of curling shoe that are produced. Curling shoes can come with a slider attached to the respective shoe that will be sliding during a curler's delivery. Additionally, the sole of the other shoe contains a rubber material similar to that of a gripper.

Types of Curling Shoes

Just like many other sports, curling has unique footwear that each participant typically wears. A pair of curling shoes consists of two different types of soles on each shoe. One shoe is called the slider while the other is called the gripper.

The slider is usually made of teflon material. When looking for a slider, a curler should primarily consider its thickness. The slider will be faster and more slippery the thicker it is. A slider should also have a rounder shape around the ball of one’s foot and the heel.

The gripper has a rubber grip on its sole and operates much like tires on a car. When looking for a gripper, a curler should select the shoe with optimal grip. Curlers should also look for insulation in both types of curling shoes. Since the sport is played on the ice, players must ensure warmth in their shoe to avoid discomfort during their performance.

Beginner curlers may not choose to purchase both the slider and gripper, however, they typically invest in at least the slider. Both types of shoes should be protected by a plastic garment when they are not being used on the ice.