Curling Sheet Dimensions

Sheet Dimensions

All curling sheets are between 144 to 150 feet long, and 14 feet, 2 inches to 15 feet wide.

Curling Sheet Dimensions

Line Distances

Now, we will learn about the different distances between lines on a curling sheet. Knowing where these lines are will help you when you are delivering a stone, or determining how far a stone will glide down the sheet.

REMEMBER: A curling sheet is symmetric. This means that the distances we will be talking about hold true for both sides of the curling sheet.

Hog Line Distances

Each hog line is located 21 feet away from its respective tee line. The hog lines are located 72 feet away from each other.

Curling Hog Line Dimensions

Backline and Tee Line Distances

The tee line and backline are 6 feet away from each other.

Backline and Hack Distances

The backline and hack are also 6 feet away from each other.

Hack and Board Distances

Just like the previous two, the hack and board are located 6 feet away from each other. In some cases, this distance can be as small as 4 feet. This is why the length of a curling sheet varies between 144-150 feet.

Dimensions of the House

As we discussed in Curling Sheet Parts, the house is the set of concentric circles located on both sides of a curling sheet. The circles in the house have specific dimensions. Easily enough, the names of each circle directly relate to their dimension.

The Pin Dimensions

The pin is the exact center of the house. The rest of the dimensions of the house are taken with respect to this location.

The 12 Foot Dimensions

The 12 Foot is the largest circle in the house. The diameter of the 12 Foot is 12 feet.

Curling 12 Foot

The 8 Foot Dimensions

The 8 Foot is the second largest circle in the house. The diameter of the 8 Foot is eight feet.

Curling 8 Foot

The 4 Foot Dimensions

The 4 Foot is the third largest circle in the house. The diameter of the 4 Foot is four feet.

Curling 4 Foot

The Button Dimensions

The button is the smallest circle in the house. The diameter of the button is one foot. The button is never referred to as the 1 Foot.

Curling Button

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