Mixed Doubles Curling Rules

Mixed Doubles

The Mixed Doubles format was introduced in the 2018 Winter Olympics by the International Olympic Committee. This format of curling is played with two curlers per team, and consists of one male and one female curler. Throughout the game, curlers are sweeping the stones that they delivered. Since there are only two curlers, the length of the game is reduced to 8 ends.


Each team will also throw only five stones each end. This means that one teammate throws two stones and the other teammate throws three stones. Teams are allowed to select which teammate throws two and three stones. Usually, the teammate throwing two stones will throw the first and fifth (last stones), and the teammate throwing three stones will throw the second, third, and fourth stones.

When a teammate is not throwing their stones, they have the option to either:

  1. Act as the skip and give the thrower the line to aim at and tell the thrower when to sweep.
  2. Act as a sweeper and sweep the stone for the entire duration of the shot.

Scoring In Mixed Doubles

The concept of scoring in curling remains the same for Mixed Doubles, just as if someone was playing the traditional game with four curlers on a team. However, since five stones are thrown and a sixth stone is placed at the other end of the ice before the end starts, teams can only score a maximum of 6 points per end.