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Curling Team

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Every curling team has the same basic structure. Once you start curling, you will need to know about each position on a curling team.

Curling Player Positions

Every curling team has the following four player positions. They are the:

  1. Lead
  2. Second
  3. Vice/Vice-Skip/Third
  4. Skip

Each position on a curling team has specific duties to keep the game moving at an efficient, action-packed pace. We will learn about those very soon. There are other people involved in a curling team as well called the Fifth and the coach.

Curling Teams List

There are lots of professional curling teams you will see on televised curling programs such as:

  • USA Curling Team skipped by John Schuster (mens) and Nina Roth (womens)
  • Canadian Curling Team skipped by Brad Gushue (mens) and Rachel Homan (womens)
  • Swedish Curling Team skipped by Niklas Edin (mens) and Anna Hasselborg (womens)
  • Swiss Curling Team skipped by Peter de Cruz (mens)
  • Russian Curling Team skipped by Anna Sidorova (womens)
  • Norwegian Curling Team skipped by Thomas Ulsrud (mens)
  • Scottish Curling Team skipped by Eve Muirhead (womens)


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