Curling Pebblers

curling pebbler

What is a pebbler used for in curling?

A pebbler is used to texture the smooth ice with hot water droplets, or pebble. A pebbler looks like a backpack filled with water, with a hose coming out the bottom of the water tank. There are three main parts to a pebbler called the water tank, hose, and pebblehead.

Parts of a pebbler

The Water Tank

The water tank is located on the back of the pebbler. Imagine that the water tank is the "backpack" part of the pebbler. On top of the water tank is a cap that twists on and off to add hot water to the pebbler.

After you open the cap, there is a filter inside. This is so that any particulates in the water do not continue into the main part of the water tank. Always keep the filter in the pebbler.

The Hose

The hose of the pebbler is attached to the bottom of the water tank. This is because pebblers work by using gravity to allow the water to flow through the hose. On top of the water tank, there is a latch or hook to place the hose when the pebbler is not being used.

The Pebblehead

The pebblehead is the most important part of the pebbler. The pebblehead looks like an upside down shower head. However, every hole on the pebblehead is of equal size. This allows for similar sized pebbling to be created.

Types of Pebblers

Pebbling can be done by several different machines. They range from as simple to a hose with a sprayer on the head, to a complex bottle and sprayer system. For higher levels of competition, specific machines are used that are set to exactly the right pressure in order to create the best pebbles. Similar to a machine that sprays weed killer, the equipment consists of a plastic container of water attached to a pressurized hose. Ice makers will walk around with it to ensure the entire surface of the sheet is covered. Pebblers can be bought online for anywhere from $250 to $600.


What is a pebbler in curling?

A pebbler is used by curlers to texture the ice before a curling game begins. A pebbler contains a water tank to hold hot water and a hose connected to a pebblehead, which sprays droplets of hot water (pebble) on to the ice. A pebbler is worn like a backpack, and curlers walk backwards while wearing it.

What temperature water is used for pebbling the ice?

The temperature of the water must be cold enough that it freezes when it touches the ice, and cannot be too warm, or it might melt the surface of the sheet.