List Of Curling Exercises

List of Curling Exercises

The sport of curling requires lots of preparation before competing. Practicing specific exercises is beneficial to limiting injury and strengthening the player's performance. Let's learn about the most common curling exercises and how they help players compete!

Types of Curling Exercises

  • Strength
  • Stretching
  • Acceleration & Control


A key component to being good at curling is strength. Having a strong body will help the player's sweep and they will have an easier time performing.


This exercise is beneficial to strengthening the upper legs and getting explosive hip power. In curling, having strong legs is essential to perform well. For this exercise, one will need to start by standing up straight with their feet hip-width apart. Next, the knees will be bent and the thighs parallel to the floor at the bottom of the squat. It should look very similar to sitting in a chair. Then after pausing for a few seconds, the body will go back up with the knees and back straight.


This exercise focuses on strengthening the arms. It is important to focus on the arms to be able to maintain control when delivering. The exercise starts off by lying on one's stomach with the body flat. Next, the palms should be touching the floor at chest-width, with the arms being straight. Lastly, the tips of the toes should be touching the ground with the heels facing up. To start the exercise, the arms should bend to make a 90 degree angle, while being sure to maintain a straight back. Next, the arms will be straightened again to go back to the starting position. This exercise should be repeated several times, until the player is unable to maintain a strong and sturdy form.

Reverse Lunges

To start off, the player will need to stand upright with the back and chest straight. Next, a large step will be taken backwards using one leg. The front knee will be bent and the hips will be down. The back knee should be close to touching the ground. The front foot should be on the floor and in the original flat-footed position. To increase the intensity of the exercise, make sure to tighten the core while performing this workout.

Hip Thrusts

This exercise focuses on strengthening the glutes and quadriceps. The player will need to be laying flat on their back with the legs bent at the knees, the feet should be flat on the floor. Next, the butt will be lifted off the floor by using the strength in the legs. This position should be held for several seconds, then the butt will go back to touching the ground. This should be repeated several times. A good number for doing this exercise is around 20 to 30 times.


This exercise focuses on strengthening the core muscles and helps to maintain a stronger stance. To start off, the player should be lying on their back with the knees bent. Then the player should lift only their upper body off the ground. The goal is to get the chest to come as close as possible to touching the thighs. By keeping the core tight, it will strengthen the outcome of this exercise.


Stretching is an important part of being good at curling. It helps to limit injuries and helps increase the player's flexibility. By stretching often it will make it easier to deliver during a game.

Butterfly Stretch

This exercise focuses on stretching one's quadriceps. For this exercise, the curler will need to be sitting on the floor with one leg bent and the bottom of that foot facing the wall. Meanwhile, the other leg is doing the same thing but in the opposite direction. The bottoms of both feet should be touching each other and the back should be straight. To get more of a stretch bring the feet closer to the body or move the knee area of the legs slightly up and down.

Quad Stretch

This is the perfect exercise to stretch the quads. To start off, the player will stand on one foot and hold the opposite ankle with the leg bent. The leg should be bent behind the curler and the hand should be holding the foot of that leg. Next, the leg that is being bent should be pulled towards the butt and the knees of the legs should be close to touching. After doing one leg, the same should be done with the other leg. For this exercise, to create a more intense stretch, the player should push their hips forwards.

Calf Stretch

This exercise helps to stretch the calf muscles and helps prevent leg injuries. Stand facing the wall with a foot or two lengths behind it. Start by having one foot in front of the other and have the front knee slightly bent. The back leg's knee should be straight. You will need to be leaning forward and have your hands touching the wall. This exercise should last for around twenty to thirty seconds.

Acceleration & Control

In the game of curling, it is important to have good acceleration. Having acceleration is beneficial to a strong and fast delivery. Control makes it easier to have better accuracy over the curling stone when delivering.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise helps to maintain stability when performing. To start, the workout the player will need to begin in a pushup position. The core, glutes, and legs should be kept tight, with the chin tucked in. Next, each knee should be brought to the chest one at a time. When a knee is brought to the chest the other leg should remain in the original pushup position. Each leg should alternate when lifting it to the chest. With this exercise, the legs should be moving at a fast pace. The goal of this exercise is to go quickly, while still maintaining a strong form.

Squat Jump

This is the perfect exercise for getting more acceleration and improving delivery when competing. For this exercise, the player should start off by standing with the feet flat on the ground. Next, both knees should bend to create something similar to sitting in a chair. After this, the player should use the legs to jump up. During the jump, the arms should be incorporated to gain more momentum and get a higher jump. After completing the jump, the same movement should be repeated. The goal of this exercise is to repeat it until there is a burning feeling in the gluteus maximus.


This is a perfect exercise for focusing on the entire body and establishing more power throughout the body. For this exercise, the player should start off standing with their knees bent. This will look the same as a squatting position. Next, the hands should be lowered to the ground with the rest of the body. When going from the squatting position to the ground, the body should move slowly. This helps to strengthen the whole body. Next, the feet should move up to the hands by doing a small jump. Then by using both the hands and legs the player should jump up with the feet going a little off the ground. This will then take the player back to the starting position. The exercise should then be repeated as many times as desired.