Is Curling A Sport?

Curling is a Sport

While watching curling on television, you may not realize the strength, skill, and athleticism required to play the sport of curling. However, there is an immense amount of strength, agility, and stamina required to be a curler.

Curling Requires Strength

One curling stone weighs about 42 pounds. When you deliver a curling stone, you are pushing your body weight plus the weight of a curling stone. Therefore, the average person must push out of the hack with over 180 pounds of force. Curlers may need to push harder for shots that require a heavier weight, or faster stone speed.

Curling Requires Stamina

If you have seen curling, you have seen curlers feverishly sweeping the ice. When curlers sweep the ice, the majority of their body weight is centered over the broom so that they may sweep with as much force as possible. Sweepers can be sweeping for up to 25 seconds per shot, and need to be ready to do so again in about 45 seconds.

Curling Requires Agility

While sweeping, curlers need to navigate the "minefield" of other curling stones that are in-play. This can force curlers to have to step over stones, and sometimes make awkward maneuvers to avoid making contact with another curling stone.


Curling is a sport that requires significant strength, stamina, and agility. If you really want to find out how strenuous it is, find a local curling club near you and try it for yourself!