How Much Does It Cost To Go Curling?

How Much Does It Cost To Go Curling

Like in every sport, there is a cost to curling. The cost depends on your location and if you are a part of a club. The main costs involved in going curling include club membership, equipment, and lessons.

Average Cost To Go Curling

The price of going curling can vary based on your skill level, equipment preferences, and the amount of training needed. Beginners can expect to pay around $1000 to get started in curling. Meanwhile, it will cost around $1700 for more advanced players. For most people, curling is an investment that they will continue to play throughout the year, not just a few times.

Club Membership

The average curling club membership costs between $100 and $300 per year, depending on what club you want to join. The more prominent the club, the more likely the price will be higher. For example, a curling club in Seattle, Washington, called Granite Curling Club, has multiple fees to join the club. They have season membership fees, league fees, and annual membership fees. This club specifically charges differently depending on your level of play. 


curling Equipment

If you want to curl without the help of a club, the most costly part of your equipment will be the curling stone. This is the only costly purchase you will have for equipment. The cost depends on if you want a new or used stone. For a new stone, it will cost you about $450. For a used one, it will be around $295. This all depends on the condition and size of the stone. The bigger the stone, the more costly it will be. The material of the stone also factors into the price. If you want a cheaper one, there are stones made out of granite and vinyl. However, if you want a curling stone that meets the quality used in the Olympics, it is very expensive, with a price tag of around $1,000. 

Other equipment needed includes the curling brush or broom, curling delivery stick or devices, and footwear, so you don’t slip on the ice. A curling brush or broom can cost between $100 to $190. This price range depends on whether you want a special broom crafted with more durable and high-quality materials or if you’re fine with a more standard broom. For curling delivery equipment, the prices range from around $80 to $100. For footwear, it depends on the level you are playing at. For example, if you are playing at the Junior level, your shoes could cost around $140. For more professional players, premium shoes can cost up to $400.

If you want to get extra equipment that helps you with your game, you can get gloves, pants, socks, and head protection. Gloves go for around $40. The cost of curling pants can vary by gender but are typically priced around $90. Socks to keep your feet warm cost about $15, and helmets cost between $65 to $90, depending on the level of protection you're seeking. 


Curling Lessons

If you want to go curling but have no idea how to play, you will need to take a lesson or two. Depending on the center, a lesson can be cheap or costly. If you want to improve your curling skills dramatically, then the cost of a lesson will be more expensive. For example, curling classes held at Chaska Curling Center, located in Chaska, Minnesota, charge $30 for curling classes for novices. If one wants to advance their skills further, an intermediate class charges about $50 per class. If you’re looking for more personal training, private lessons typically cost about $200 and are usually group private sessions since you need more than one person to play the sport.