Curling stone cost


Curling stones can vary in price, depending on what type of granite is used. As a rule of thumb, the average curling stone price is $500 per stone. This means that 1 set, or 16 curling stones, costs an average of $8000. Putting this into the context of a curling club, which can have 2 to 6 sheets, stones could cost between $16,000 to $48,000. Also understand that the production of a curling stone is a meticulous process. Therefore, the intense manufacturing required will make the cost of a curling stone so high.

Curling Stone

Curling Stone Pricing

If you are considering buying curling stones, you will likely see the price for a set of 16 curling stones: 8 of one color, and 8 of another color. As previously mentioned, the type of granite will influence the price. If the stones are coming straight from the factory (new), as opposed to being used before will significantly affect the price of a stone. Some prices will include only the curling stones without handles, whereas some will include both the stone and handle. It is important to know what you are getting for the price you pay!

For younger curlers, there are stones that are about half the weight of a regular curling stone. These stones usually cost between 50% to 60% of what regular curling stones cost. Therefore, you should be paying between $250 to $300.


The price of a curling stone depends on three things:

  1. The type of granite used
  2. The condition of the stones (new or used)
  3. The weight of the stones (regular or "junior")

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