Curling Scoreboards

What are Curling Scoreboards?

Curling scoreboards are the scoreboards that keep track of all the scoring information for curling. The scoreboard consists of three rows, one for each team and the round. The middle score row is the total score, and the top and bottom rows are each team's score. Curling is set up similar to baseball innings, except there are ten instead of nine. The innings are called "ends" in curling, so curlers have 10 rounds to rack up points. Scoreboards are usually visible inside the curling competition and on TV for audience viewers.


The first rule of scoring is that in order to score points, the rock must be on or touching the circle. Each time a team gets a rock closer to the circle than the opposing team, they get a point. If rocks do not touch the circle, no one gets a point.

For example, if one team gets a rock on the center circle, and the other team doesn't, the first team wins the points for that end. In curling, only one team score during a round. A game typically consists of 10 ends, or rounds, but younger age levels often play six or eight. The participant with more points at the end of each round wins that round. Therefore, the last player, also called the "skip" player, is often the most important player as the points aren't determined until after he performs.

The hammer, which is the last rock that is pushed in an end, is often the most important for scoring. It's easy to score more points with the hammer. The last rock is very important, as it can change the result of a game. Teams decide who gets the hammer by either a coin toss or a contest called "draw to the button" where one player from each team pushes a rock to see who can get closer to the center circle.

curling scoreboard

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