Curling Measuring Devices

What are Curling Measuring Devices?

Measuring equipment in curling is used to determine precise readings on the positioning of rocks from one another. If rocks are seemingly close when determined by eye, these devices can be used to break ties or settle scores. Measuring equipment can also be used to make sure a rock is in play, or in the house, after it's thrown and landed.

There are several different types of measures used for different occasions:

  • Measure
  • Six-foot measure
  • 90 Degree measure
  • Micrometer

The general procedure for measuring is as follows:

  • Obtain the measuring device, and place it on the ice to cool down.
  • With two hands lift the device, and approach the house from the back. Avoid walking near rocks so as to preserve their positioning.
  • Set the device down, 90 degrees away if possible and gently slide the device towards the pin.

PRO TIP: Be sure to never apply too much pressure when measuring, never pass back over a rock, and never swing counter clockwise as all of these can move rock positioning.

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