Curling Accessories


Many curlers purchase accessories. Although these accessories are not completely necessary when participating in the sport, curlers love to have them as extras. All of these accessories can be purchased at multiple curling supply sites or sporting goods stores. These products include:

Curling Bags

A bag will help a curler keep all of his equipment organized in one area. Many bags include compartments to aid in organization.

Curling Stopwatches

A stopwatch can aid a curler in improving their game. It is used to time the stone as it moves across the ice.

Curling Gloves

Gloves or mittens help curlers keep their hands warm while on the ice. It is important to purchase gloves or mittens with high insulation to keep their hands warm.

Curling Brooms

A broom head cover and brush cover help to protect the broom and brush while not on the ice. The covers ensure that no wearing or tearing will occur when they are not being used.

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