Curling Delivery Sticks

What are Delivery Sticks In Curling?

Curling delivery sticks allow those who can no longer use the conventional stance required by the sport to actually deliver the rock. Because such a stance requires the player being able to crouch, bend at the hip, and get low to the ice, it can be difficult or impossible for some people, including senior athletes and athletes with accessibility issues, to do so. The stick itself has a telescoping body that changes lengths to suit the user and can grip the rock’s handle.

Using A Delivery Stick

In order to apply rotation to the throw, the handle of the rock is held at a 45 degree angle in the traditional delivery stance. When using the curling stick, however, athletes grip the rock so the handle is straight and apply rotation by turning the wrist.

Delivery Stick Rules

A number of rules regarding delivery sticks have been put in place to ensure fair play. Some of these rules include placement of the foot in the hack. If, for example, the athlete is holding the delivery stick in his/her right hand, then the athlete must place his/her right foot in the hack. Additionally, the stone has to be let go before the hogline is reached, and a player cannot switch between hand and stick delivery methods. Moreover, they are not allowed in many championships.

Wheelchair Curling

Many athletes compete in wheelchair curling as a recreational activity, but it has also become a Paralympic event. These competitions require the use of delivery sticks, though the athlete does not move when delivering the rock, unlike in the standing delivery.