Curling Broomstacking

Broomstacking is when teams will go to some restaurant for snacks and drinks after a curling game. Broomstacking is an immensely social activity that helps build friendships off the ice. Technically, this is not a part of a curling game, but since most curlers broomstack, it is important that you know what it is.

What is broomstacking in curling?

After a curling game, it is common for curlers to socialize after the game. This is called broomstacking. Typically, curlers will go out to a restaurant or bar afterwards to talk with fellow curlers, their opponents, and their teammates. While broomstacking, it is common for the winning team to purchase beverages for the losing team.

Later on, the losing team will then purchase beverages for the winning team. Some outlier clubs may have the reverse ritual where the losing team buys drinks first, but this is rare.

After you go broomstacking a few times, you will realize that curling is an incredibly social sport, and that everyone is curling to have a good time while bettering themselves and their teammates as curlers. Broomstacking conversations can range from talking about the game you just played, or nearly any other subject. If you decide to curl at a local curling club, broomstacking is a great way to meet other people in the club that you do not play with regularly.