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Curling Sheet

What is a curling sheet? What does a curling sheet look like? Get ready to learn the basics of curling sheets.

The Sheet

Let's begin by looking at the playing surface. Below is a picture of the curling sheet. The curling sheet is between 144 and 150 feet long, and 14 feet, 2 inches to 15 feet wide.

Curling Sheet

Lines on the Curling Sheet

There are six types of lines on a curling sheet. Every curling sheet has the following lines:

  1. Sideline
  2. Backline
  3. Tee Line
  4. Hog Line
  5. Centerline
  6. Four Foot Lines

All curling sheets have the following key components used in various aspects of the game like scoring and the rules of the boundaries:

  1. House
  2. Hack
  3. Boards
  4. Guard Zone

There are two different types of ice that a curler can play on called dedicated ice and arena ice.

  1. Dedicated Ice: this ice is only used by curlers, and will not be used by other parties.
  2. Arena Ice: this ice is used by curlers, hockey players, figure skaters, and the like.

All curling sheets must be prepared and ready for play before a game of curling can begin. Curling clubs with arena ice will usually need more time to prepare the ice than those with dedicated ice.

Curling Sheet Terminology

If you'd like to learn more about the curling sheet, check out some of these related glossary terms:

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