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Curling Sheet Lines

What lines are on a curling sheet? Get ready to learn about the most important lines on the curling ice. We'll show you the sideline, backline, tee line, hog line, centerline, and four foot line.


Before we start learning about curling, and how the sport is played, let's first learn about the playing surface. In curling, this playing surface is usually referred to as the sheet, but it can also be called the ice. These terms will be used interchangeably throughout the tutorials.

There are six types of lines on a curling sheet. As a player or viewer, you will hear the names of these lines used throughout a curling game:

  1. Sideline
  2. Backline
  3. Tee Line
  4. Hog Line
  5. Centerline
  6. Four Foot Lines

All of these lines are marked as thin, black lines on a curling sheet, so it is important to know where all these lines are located.

The Sideline

The sidelines are the lines located along the side of the curling sheet. If a curling stone crosses any part of the sidelines, it is considered to be out-of-play.

Curling Sideline

The Backline

The backlines are the lines located on the short ends of the curling sheet, right behind the house. The house is the concentric circles on both sides of the curling sheet. If a curling stone completely passes the backline, it is considered to be out-of-play.

Curling Backline

Tee Lines

The tee lines are the lines parallel to the backlines, but run through the middle of the house. A tee line bisects the house into two halves called the front half (between the tee line and hog line) and the back half (between the tee line and backline).

Curling Tee Line

Hog Lines

The hog lines are the lines parallel to the tee lines and backlines, and are located further in front of each house.

Curling Hog Line


The centerline is a line parallel to both sidelines that runs in the middle of the sheet, between both backlines. The centerline runs between the backlines, whereas the sidelines run the entire length of the sheet.

Curling Centerline

Four Foot Lines

The four foot lines are lines that run parallel to the centerline, and extend from the circle in the house that is four feet in diameter. Unlike the centerline, the four foot lines only run in between the tee lines.

Curling Four Foot Line

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