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Curling Game Length

What is the average length of a curling game? Get ready to learn about how long a game of curling is and how long each end should be.

Ends in a Game

In curling, games consist of ends where teams alternate throwing stones down the sheet. The amount of ends in a game can vary based on the curling club, the league, or bonspiel. Most curling games last a total of eight or ten ends.

Eight End Games

Eight end games are the most common amongst local curling clubs, and usually take about two hours to play. As a new curler, you will most likely be playing curling games that last eight ends.

Ten End Games

Ten end games are the most common for national and international play, and usually take about two and a half hours to play. As a new curler, you will probably not play ten end games. However, you will definitely see them on television.In national and international play, there are two formats that utilize ten end games of curling, men's and women's curling.

Mixed Doubles Format

There is a new format of curling called mixed doubles. This format involves one male and one female player. Only five stones are thrown per team per end. Out of all of the competitive curling formats, mixed doubles is the only one that lasts eight ends.

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