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Curling Etiquette Rules

What types of curling etiquette are there? Get ready to learn about what each team expects from each other while making shots and while waiting to make shots during a game of curling.


In curling, there are specific rules to follow around etiquette and how to behave during a game. These etiquette rules apply for every shot and player and revolve around waiting, standing, throwing, and sweeping.

Waiting and Standing Etiquette

It is just as important to know where to stand when your team is making shots as it is when the opponent is throwing their stones. When a team is watching their opponent shoot a stone, it is common courtesy for them to remain away from the action, so that the team shooting may move freely with their stone. The sweepers must be in between the two hog lines, next to the sidelines. After the opponent's stone crosses the first hog line, the sweepers may assume their position for their team's shot.

Curling Hog Line

While the opponent delivers the stone, the next person to shoot will be behind the hack or with the sweepers. As soon as the opponent releases their stone, the thrower may assume their position in the hack for their team's shot.

Curling Hack

The skip will remain behind the backline while the opponent's stone is being delivered. The skip will also keep their broomhead away from the ice surface so it does not distract the opponent's thrower as they are aiming towards their skip's broom. After the stone is released, the skip may move into the house if they feel that the opponent's stone may need to be swept out-of-play.

Curling Backline

Throwing and Sweeping Etiquette

It is important to understand your place when it comes to throwing or sweeping stones. Curling is a time sensitive game, so it is essential to be ready to make your shot as soon as your opponent's stone stops moving. When a team is shooting a stone, the skip is in the house, and is calling the shot that needs to be made. Then, there is one thrower that is crouched in the hack, and is ready to deliver the stone. Finally, the are two sweepers stand in between the hack and the hog line. This allows them to walk with the stone during the entire shot, and so that they may sweep when necessary.

Curling House

While the shot is being made, the sweepers will continue to walk with the stone. The thrower may decide to follow the sweepers behind the stone, or may stand by the hog line where they released the stone. The skip will usually remain in the house, but may help the sweepers on occasion.

After the shot has been made, the team should immediately back away from the part of the sheet that they were on and follow the waiting and standing etiquette. By doing so, the game can keep moving at an efficient, but action-packed pace.

REMEMBER: Curling is a game of camaraderie and respect. You do not want your opponent to interfere or be distracting while your team is shooting, so make sure to give them the space they deserve to make their shots, and they will do the same for you.

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