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Curling Combination Shots

What are combination shots in curling? How can curlers combine peels, takeouts, raises, and guards? Get ready to learn about common combo shots curling teams make.


There are lots of different shot types in curling. We learned about:

Usually, these basic shots will provide enough opportunities for a team to score two or more points with the hammer, and force the opponent to score one point when they have the hammer. However, there may be a scenario in which a more difficult shot must be made.

These basic shot types can be creatively combined to produce more sophisticated shots. Examples of combination shots include:

Curling Combination Shots

Circus Shots

During a curling game, a skip may come up with a very ambitious shot that does not fit any of the types of shots. In curling, an overly ambitious shot like this is often referred to as a circus shot. Here, we will not be discussing circus shots. However, if some of the shots are amplified to include more stones, they could be considered circus shots.

Combination Strategy

The types of curling shot combinations and circus shots can prove to be endless. As you continue to learn, watch, and possibly play the sport of curling, think about other types of shot combinations or circus shots can be made in such scenarios. However, remember to stick to the basics. If a simpler shot can be executed to achieve the same result, perform that rather than a curling shot combination or circus shot.

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