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Welcome to the Curling Tutorials! This course is for those interested in learning the basics curling such as the equipment, scoring, shotmaking, sweeping, strategy, and more. Click on the start button to begin learning about curling, or select a tutorial from the left sidebar. You can also click on the Share button to send this course to your family, friends, colleagues, and others. Your curling journey begins here!

Learn Curling Tutorials

The beginning tutorials will get you up to speed on the playing surface, equipment, and people involved in a game of curling. After we learn the basics elements of the sport, we will learn how to determine the score in a game of curling. Scoring is important to know whether you are playing a game or curling, or are just watching on television. Next, we will go into the more formal aspects of the game such as learning to play a full game of curling and knowing various rules and violations that can occur during a game of curling. After you know the basics of these rules and procedures, we will begin to learn about what is happening on the ice. These tutorials will involve learning about delivering and sweeping stones, exploring some of the types of shots that can are made, and briefly creating combinations of necessary shots to make more advanced and challenging shots. Lastly, we will explore the various strategies that can are used during a game, and learn about the types of statistics that are recorded and measured during a curling game, bonspiel (tournament), or season. By the time you finish these tutorials, you will have an excellent understanding of the basics of the sport of curling!

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