List Of Crossfit Exercises

List Of Crossfit Exercises

Crossfit is a type of high-intensity training that is often performed in a group setting. Sessions typically last about an hour, and everyone performs the same workout. Crossfit training works all of the muscles in the body, and the list below will show you the main components of a typical crossfit workout.

List of Crossfit Exercises

  • Bench Press
  • Deadlift
  • Back Squat
  • Overhead Press
  • Hang Clean
  • Pull-Ups
  • Chin-Ups
  • Chin-Up Hangs
  • Dead Hangs
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Burpees
  • Box Jumps
  • Jump Rope
  • Wall Throws

Crossfit Barbell Exercises

Bench Press

Lie on your back on the bench with your eyes lined up underneath the barbell. Make sure to line up your pinkies with the ring marks on the bar. Unrack the bar after taking a deep breath, and then slowly lower the bar in line with your chest. It is important to keep your elbows tucked and your wrists straight while performing the exercise. Push the bar back up with equal strength and lock your elbows at the top. It is a good idea to warm up with no additional weight on the bar to make sure you have the correct form.


Have the bar with weight centered in the platform or area you are performing the exercise. Your stance should be about hip’s width, with your feet slightly pointing outwards. Your grip on the bar needs to be just outside of your knees. When getting set, make sure your back is completely straight in order to avoid injury. Use your legs as your main source of power to lift the bar and thrust forwards for a full extension. Either bring the bar down and perform another rep or drop the bar onto the platform when finished with your set.

Back Squat

While the bar is racked, get underneath it and rest it on your upper back. While standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, unrack the bar and take a few steps back. Begin your squat by pushing your knees outwards and your hips back, while keeping your back straight. When you are ready to finish the rep, stand up from the squatted position while keeping your knees outwards and your chest up. Rerack the bar when finished. Using a lifting belt may be beneficial when using heavier amounts of weight.

Overhead Press

Stand shoulder-width apart with the bar in your hands. The bar should be in line with the base of your neck. Tuck your elbows in and have a strong grip on the bar. To perform the exercise, bend your knees slightly and push the bar towards the ceiling. Make sure to not hit yourself with the bar. Extend your arms and hold the position for about three seconds. Either bring the bar down for another rep or drop it safely onto the platform.

Hang Clean

Start with the bar in your hands about shoulder-width. Bend your knees slightly, bringing the bar down to the tip of your knee caps. Thrust your hips so that the bar explodes upwards towards eye level. As the bar begins to drop, fold your wrists and elbows underneath the bar and squat to catch the bar. Hold this position and then either perform another rep or drop the weight safely onto the platform.

Crossfit Pull-Up Bar Exercises


Place your hands on the pull up bar about shoulder-width apart. Your grip should be overhand, with the outside of your hands facing towards you. When ready, lift yourself into the air. Using your back and shoulders, pull yourself up until your chin reaches the top of the bar. Slowly return to your starting position, fully extending your arms. When done, carefully land back onto the ground after letting go of the bar.


The chin-up is a very similar motion compared to the pull up. The main difference between the two is the grip on the pull up bar. For a chin up, the palms of your hands will be facing you, also known as an underhand grip. The exercise is the same besides that. Chin ups are usually easier to perform than pull ups.

Chin-Up Hangs

This exercise builds endurance by testing how long you can hold your body weight in one position. To perform this, get into a chin up position and bring your neck up to the top of the bar. Instead of slowly returning to perform another rep, hold your place at the top of the bar. You will time yourself to see how long you can stay in this position.

Dead Hangs

Another test of endurance, dead hangs are not as difficult as chin-up hangs. Get an overhand grip on the pull up bar and simply hang; do not perform a pull up. Make sure not to completely hang because this can damage your shoulders. Have some lift to your hang but not enough that it is noticeable. The objective is to hang until you lose grip on the bar.

Hanging Leg Raises

This is an exercise that focuses on the core muscles. To perform this, get an overhand grip on the pull up bar about shoulder-width apart. Begin to dead hang, but this time lift your legs with your core muscles. Your legs should reach your eye level before you bring yourself back to a dead hang. It is important to tighten your stomach in order to successfully perform this exercise.

Crossfit Cardio Exercises


A burpee is a common exercise used in crossfit to target multiple muscles at a time. There are several movements that make up a burpee so it is important to pay attention to your instructor. Starting standing up, you will begin a squat. You will then place your hands on the floor and transition to a plank position on the ground. You will then perform a push up. Once again return to the plank position. Bring your hands back in and return to a squat. Finally, jump into the air and land standing straight up. Repeat multiple times.

Box Jumps

Place yourself in front of a box, about 6 inches away from it to be exact. On command, jump up onto the box and make sure to land in the middle. The motion in order to jump onto the box should be a squatting motion. From there you will generate power in your legs to lift you onto the box. Once on the box, step down backward and repeat the exercise. You can grab boxes of different heights to achieve this exercise, as well as performing the move on either both legs or one.

Jump Rope

Get a jump rope and stand about shoulder-width apart. On command from the instructor, begin to whip the rope around your head and jump over it before it hits the ground and your feet. You have the option of implementing a crossing pattern in your jump rope, but that is for advanced jumpers. This exercise is strictly for cardio and is often paired with quick transitions to other exercises, also known as a circuit.

Wall Throws

Grab a medicine ball and line yourself up about 2 feet away from a wall. Face parallel to the wall and hold the ball in your hands. On command, twist your body while keeping your feet on the ground and toss the ball at the wall as hard as possible. Be sure you are standing close enough to the wall in order to catch the ball as it bounces off. Repeat for about 10 reps or until the instructor tells you to stop.