Crossfit Basics

What are the basics of Crossfit? What are the most important things to understand about Crossfit? Get ready to learn the basic rules of Crossfit.

Crossfit Basics

Crossfit Basics

Crossfit is a sport in which athletes take part in intense physical activity in the hopes of exercising in a competitive way. Crossfit is an extreme form of working out that includes weightlifting as well as cardio and targets specific parts of the body with each workout. Athletes must be fully committed to the sport as the intensity of the sport is not meant for the casual athlete. Athletes go from workout to workout rarely stopping and at an intense pace making it even harder to continue and therefore working more muscles in your body. Athletes typically use equipment such as weights including dumbells, barbells, and kettlebells in order to compete and get better.

The Most Important Things To Know About Crossfit

There are many concepts to know surrounding the sport Crossfit. For example, squatting is when an athlete places a barbell with weight on it on their shoulders and squat down before coming back up. Here is a list of just a few important concepts to know about Crossfit:

  1. AMRAP
  2. Personal Best
  3. Personal Record
  4. Rep
  5. Set
  6. Workout of the day
  7. Squat
  8. Bench
  9. Burpee
  10. Deadlift

List of Crossfit Basic Rules

There aren’t too many rules involved in Crossfit however there are a few that athletes must follow. If they do not follow these rules they face penalties such as suspension or disqualification. Here is a list of a few rules athletes must follow in Crossfit:

  • Athletes must be on time
  • Athletes must not use performance-enhancing drugs
  • Athletes must weigh within the weight class they classified with at weigh-in
  • Athletes must be good sportsman being respectful to other athletes and officials

Crossfit Basics Summary

We’ve just learned all about the sport of Crossfit including the basics of the game such as weightlifting, cardio, and what it takes to take part in CrossFit competitions. We also learned some important concepts such as Rep, Benching, and squatting as well as the rules athletes must follow in order to compete in the sport.