How Much Do Cricket Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Cricket Tickets Cost

Cricket is a sport that is played worldwide. It is considered England’s national sport. But how much will it cost you to watch cricket? The answer depends on what country you are in. Additionally, the price of tickets depends on the age of the spectator, the teams playing, how far in advance the tickets are purchased, and whether or not you are a member of any cricket membership. Ticket prices for children, seniors, and members of various cricket organizations tend to be cheaper. Tickets purchased further in advance or with several games bundled together also tend to be cheaper.

England Cricket Ticket Costs

The cost of cricket tickets in England is dependent on the teams playing. For example, Surrey vs. Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Sussex, Middlesex, Somerset, and Kent are on the cheaper side: these tickets range from about £1 to £33. Most tickets for the England vs. South Africa Test Match are more expensive. Tickets for days one through four of the event range from £42 to £100. However, day five is an exception, and tickets range from £1 to £20. The County Championship, where Surrey will be competing against Division 1 teams, costs £15 for an adult ticket and £1 for a child.

United States Cricket Ticket Costs

The cost of cricket tickets in the United States is also dependent on what team is playing, the age of the spectator, whether or not you choose to buy tickets ahead of time, and whether you purchase tickets for all games as a bundle or by individual matches. For example, in the case of the USA vs. Ireland Men’s International Series of 2021, tickets for adult admission for one match went for $15. However, if you had become part of the USA Cricket Members or bought the ticket ahead of time as part of an early bird special, tickets went for just $10. Children below the age of sixteen received free admission if their tickets were reserved online ahead of time. Senior citizens paid $10 or $8 for the early bird special.

Tickets could also be purchased as a bundle, meaning one price was paid for all five matches. Purchasing tickets as a bundle came out cheaper than buying individual tickets for each match. For adults, the price was $55, with an early bird special of $40. For senior citizens, the price came out to $40 with an early bird special of $30.

Finally, there was an option for a specialty package, which featured VIP access and other perks. Those tickets went for $99 for most spectators and $89 for USA Cricket Members.

Australia Cricket Ticket Costs

For the Men’s International summer of 2020-21, admission cost $30 for adults. Though this is more than the price of tickets for USA v. Ireland, the cost of these tickets was a big win for Australian cricket fans. The cost of the Men’s International summer has remained the same for over five years.