How Does Cricket Betting Work?

How Does Cricket Betting Work

Cricket is an English sport that has been around for centuries and there are plenty of opportunities to bet on it.

Some popular ways to bet on cricket include match betting, completed match, tied match, innings runs, top bowler, top batsman, and tournament and series winners among many others.

Match Betting

Match betting is the most common cricket bet because of its simplicity. When placing a match betting bet, gamblers choose from three options including the home team will win the match, the away team will win the match, or the teams will tie.

Completed Match

A completed match bet is made based on if the gambler believes that a singular match will be finished in the same day or not. Sometimes, a match may be delayed or last longer than one day because of inclimate weather conditions. Therefore, the person placing the bet simply bets yes or no as to whether the match will be completed the same day it begins.

Tied Match

A tied match bet is another straightforward type of bet. When placing a tied match bet, gamblers choose if they believe that the match will end in a tie or not. If they choose correctly, they win the bet and are awarded their earnings.

Innings Runs

When placing an innings runs bet, players try to predict how many runs will be scored in the first innings of a match. Like many other types of bets, an innings run wager usually presents a certain number of runs and players decide to bet on whether there will be more (over) or less (under) runs scored. 

Top Bowler

Another bet that players can place is on the top bowler of a match. When betting on the top bowler, the gambler selects which player from either team they expect to have the most wickets in the match or series. If they choose the correct player, they win the wager. 

Bowler Match Bets

A bowler match bet is a simplified version of the top bowler bet. Instead of choosing who will be the top bowler from all the players, gamblers are given a pair of two players and only need to correctly select who will be the top bowler out of the two.

Top Batsman Betting

A top batsman bet is when a gambler predicts which player will score the most goals in a given match or series. This player can be from either of the competing teams. In addition to top batsman, wagers can also be placed on the team of the top batsman for a match or series. Because there are only two choices for this bet and higher odds of choosing correctly, the payout will usually be less than choosing correctly who the top batsman will be. 

Batsman Match Betting

Similar to the bowler match bet, a batsman match bet is a simplified version of the top batsman bet. Instead of wagering on the top batsman from all the players on both teams, players select from a pair of two players who they predict will score more runs in the match or series. 

Tournament Outright Winner and Series Winner

For a tournament outright winner bet, players choose which team they believe will win the entire tournament. When placing this bet, players can look in the sportsbook for the lines of all the teams participating in the tournament. Similarly, gamblers can also bet on the team they predict will win a given series of matches. Although a team may win a match within the series, the team must win the whole series for the bet to win. 

Over/Under Score

When betting on a cricket match, players can also bet on the score for one of the teams. At the beginning of the match, the sportsbook will list a set score for a team and the gambler bets on if they believe their actual score will be over or under that amount. 

Series Score

In addition to over/under score, gamblers can also bet on the score of a series of matches. However, in this case score refers to the number of matches won and lost instead of the number of runs scored. Before the series, the sportsbook will list different combinations of matches won and lost for both teams. For example, in a three games series the home team might win the series with two wins and one loss (2-1). The player selects which score they think correctly represents the amount of matches won and lost for one of the teams in the series.  


Where can I bet on cricket?

There are many different websites available to bet on cricket. Some of the top websites include Bovada Sports, BetOnline Sports, and All three of these websites provide users with deposit bonuses when they first begin using the site. Bovada provides a 50% deposit bonus up to $250 while BetOnline and provide a 50% bonus up to $1,000. In addition, all three sites are safe and secure, have solid reputations, and provide competitive lines.

Yes, it is legal to place online cricket bets in certain areas of the United States. Throughout history, there have been three sets of laws that apply to online gambling in the USA including 1961 Wire Wager Act, the 2006 UIGEA, and specific state law. Some states such as Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, and a few others have certain online gambling laws. While many of the laws apply to offering online betting, some also prohibit making bets online.

While gambling and betting is illegal in most of India, people in India can still bet on cricket if they do it online. As of right now, there are no Indian laws that prohibit online betting. In addition, bookmakers are illegal in India so many use a loophole of using an international bookmaker to help them place their bets. They also frequently bet on websites that have servers located in countries where gambling is legal to be safe.

Which is the best cricket betting site?

Taking into consideration many factors, the best overall cricket betting website is Betway. For betters in India, the site offers a plethora of promotions to encourage them to gamble. The site also provides local bank transfers and gives players the option to bet with Indian rupees. On top of all of this, Betway offers a wide selection of betting options, provides gamblers with favorable odds, and is known for its excellent customer service and banking choices.