Cricket Bats

Cricket Bat

Cricket bats are a specialized piece of equipment that is necessary to play cricket. There are many different types of bats manufactured by different brands;the majority of them are made out of high quality wood that is shock resistant and tough in order for players to deliver the cricket ball at a high speed.

What are cricket bats used for?

Cricket bats are an essential piece of equipment used by every batter. They are used to hit the cricket ball and provide comfort and control to each player, with the handle attached to a flat paddle-shaped wooden blade. Cricket bats offer a good swing speed, durability, and shock absorbance due to the way they are manufactured and density of the wood. 

Cricket bats were originally shaped like a hockey stick dating back to 1624, but as cricket laws changed in the 1770’s, the bat became more straight which would allow for more air flow, stability, and power when hitting the cricket ball.

Things To Consider

When looking for a cricket bat, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What skill level of cricket are you playing at?
  • What type of cricket bat do you want?
  • How much are you looking to spend on a cricket bat?

Types of Cricket Bats

There are a wide variety of types of cricket bats that are commonly used including the English willow, Kashmir willow, training, and softball style bats.

English Willow Bats

English willow is the most preferred material used in the production of cricket bats because it provides the best strength and compression needed when playing the sport. This type of bat is also popular due to the compression it provides, its division of five grades, light weight, and springy quality.

Kashmir Willow Bats

Kashmir willow bats are somewhat similar to English willow bats, but tend to come at a cheaper price. This type of bat is not only compressed and shock resistant, but also has a powerful surface when hitting the ball. Although marks and cracks are common, it will not affect the performance of the bat as it is natural for them to have marks after use. 

Training Bats

Cricket training bats are a specialized cricket equipment that is geared towards practicing and improving one’s skill. Due to their training purposes, there is no specific type of wood manufactured for this type of bat, but they are commonly made of Kashmir willow or English willow.

Softball Style Bats

Softball style bats are cricket bats that are meant to be used with a softball or tennis ball. This type is often made of high-quality wood or fiber, but is different from typical professional cricket bats. Additionally, the cost is usually much lower than Kashmir Willow and English Willow bats. 


There are several different kinds of materials that cricket bats are manufactured from, but the two common types include willow and bamboo.

  • Willow: Willow is the most common material that is used for cricket bats due to its low density and high stiffness. Although it is more expensive, its lightweight and more springy quality are major factors that make it a popular cricket bat material. 
  • Bamboo: Bamboo cricket bats are stronger and provide more energy than willow bats when playing cricket. Additionally, they are stiffer and launch the cricket ball at higher speeds . The high performance and sustainability of this type of material makes it a great choice for a cricket bat. 


There are numerous brands that sell cricket bats, with Kookaburra, Sanspareils Greenlands, and Reebok being the most popular.

  • Kookaburra: Kookaburra manufactures high performance cricket bats with ultra specific features that aim to satisfy each and every player. Each bat has a specific grade, edge profile, spine profile, sweet spot, scallop, face profile, and bow, presenting various options for players of all skill sets and preferences.
  • Sanspareils Greenlands (SG): This brand of cricket bats is made out of the finest willow and are typically of medium weight. Varying in sizes and colors, SG creates bats for perfect strokes with enhanced flexibility and shock absorption.
  • Reebok: Reebok typically creates high performance cricket bats that are versatile and well rounded. Typically made out of English Willow with a bowed blade, thick edges, and wide middle, this brand is popular among many cricket players. 


To ensure you are getting the best value, the three main things to consider when purchasing cricket bats are their durability, size, and, of course, price.


Good quality cricket bats usually offer an anti-scuff protection to prolong their life span, which is usually around 1000 runs, or 3-4 seasons. Kashmir bats are made of high quality willow or 6-12 grains, which make them harder and more durable. These bats last longer and are more durable because they have to be tapped down with a mallet for hours to ensure sturdiness.


A high-quality Kashmir cricket bat can range in price from around $200-$500. The more renowned brands like Kookaburra and Sanspareils Greenlands are more expensive because the soil grown in the area is specifically meant for making these bats out of a high-quality, soft wood. If you are looking to buy a good quality cricket bat, expect to pay around $300.


Cricket bats are usually offered in junior and senior sizes. There are six different sizes offered depending on the website and region you are looking to buy them. The six sizes are suitable for different ages corresponding to numerical order; for example, size 1 is typically for ages 4–5 and size 6 is usually suitable for those who are 12-13 years old. There are also bats called Size Harrow for ages 14-15, Short Handle for ages 15+, and Long Handle/Long Blade for ages 15+ or players over 6 feet tall. 


Why are cricket bats made of willow?

Willow bats are extremely popular because they provide strength, compression, high stiffness, and have low density. This allows cricket players to have strength and control when hitting the cricket ball. Additionally, they are very lightweight and have a springy quality, which only adds to the favored characteristics that customers tend to find in willow bats. 

What kind of bat is used in professional cricket?

Kashmir Willow bats are the type of cricket bat that is used when playing cricket professionally. This type of bat is more compressed and powerful than alternative options on the market. It is also known to be the most durable bat, shock resistant, tough, and lightweight, which makes it a popular choice. 

How much do cricket bats weigh?

The average cricket bat weighs between 2.7 to 3 pounds, however, there is no standard when it comes to their weight. Moreover, Kashmir Willow bats tend to be on the slightly heavier side, while English Willow is typically more lightweight.