Chess Basic Rules For Kids

Chess Basic Rules For Kids

Chess Rules

Chess is played on a square board divided into 64 squares of alternating color.

Horizontal rows on the board are called ranks, while vertical rows on the board are called files.

At the beginning of the game, each player is allotted 16 chess pieces.

Chess pieces, also known as chessmen, are movable objects used to play the game.

There are several types of chess pieces. Each player starts the game with one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns.

The goal in chess is to score a checkmate.

A checkmate is scored by trapping the opponent’s king so that it is unable to escape.

A player is in check if their king is at risk of being captured.

If the player is unable to remove their king from threat of capture on the next move, the other player is awarded a checkmate and wins the match.