Cheerleading Pom Poms

Cheerleading PomsThere are many important components that go into the sport of cheerleading. Beyond the surface of catchy chants and choreographed moves, pom poms are one of the most crucial and distinguishing factors of the sport. Poms are carried by an array of brands, consisting of different sizes and a large selection of colors.

What are pom poms used for?

Pom poms are used for accomplishing different duties in cheer. With their vibrant colors and shimmery accents, poms are used to attract the crowd’s attention to the field. Paired with a combination of cheer chants, their sparkle and shimmers when moved around easily catch the eye.

Pom poms are incorporated into routines, adding extra flair and emphasis to their movements. The first use of pom poms can be traced back to the early 1930s; back then, pom poms were handcrafted out of paper. They are now manufactured out of more durable plastics and vinyl. Cheerleading wouldn’t be much of a production without them.

Things To Consider

When looking for cheerleading pom poms, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What are you going to use the pom poms for?
  • What size pom poms are you looking for?
  • How much money do you have to spend on pom poms?
  • Who are you buying pom poms for?
  • Do you need specific colors or patterns?


Pom poms come in a variety of different types, including plastic, metallic, and even holographic.

Plastic Pom Poms

Plastic pom poms typically have a matte finish and come in either a solid or two-tone color scheme. These are not typically as shiny or sparkly as other types of pom poms. Plastic pom poms are commonly associated with beginner and basic cheer. 

Metallic Pom Poms


Metallic pom poms are different from plastic pom poms because of the material’s finish. Metallic pom poms have a shiny look to them, giving them more of a flashy appearance. These pom poms are a little more heavy-duty due to the more durable plastic used on the individual strips.

Holographic Pom Poms

Holographic pom poms are vibrant with a rainbow tint that radiates off of them. Like metallic poms, holographic pom poms are flashy and more durable than plastic ones. With their sparkle and shimmer, these pom poms are perfect for competitive cheer and are sure to catch the attention of the judges.


There is a wide selection of brands that manufacture pom poms for your different cheer needs. Some of the most popular ones are OmniCheer and Anderson’s.


OmniCheer sells a large variety of pom poms geared toward competitive cheer. From plastic to metallic, or holographic to wet-look, they have every style and color available for purchase. From mini to adult, their poms are inclusive in size options and are midrange with their pricing. Their prices range from just over $3 a pom pom to $23 per pom pom. 


Anderson’s markets themselves on school spirit products. Their pom poms come with different handle options, including stick, baton, and kap. While they do have a large selection of poms, their prices are a bit more affordable. Anderson’s models range from under $1 per pom to $18 a pom.


Some of the most important considerations to be made when investing in pom poms are their durability, cost, and size.


Durability is an important factor to take into consideration when purchasing pom poms. If you’re looking for long-lasting pom poms, you’re better off purchasing a pair rather than making your own. Pom poms made out of plastic or vinyl are much more durable than poms made out of paper.


Investing in durable, competitive cheerleading pom poms is going to cost upwards of $50 for a set of two at a mid-range shop. When it comes to cheering on your favorite team, pom poms of lower quality can be found for as low as $1. 


Size is determined by the length of the streamer strands that make up the pom pom as a whole. Strands can be as short as 4”, or up to 10” in length. Youth pom poms are on the smaller size, ideal for younger individuals just starting out. Meanwhile, adult pom poms are going to be larger in size. The most common size for poms is 6”.


When did cheerleaders begin using pom poms?

Cheerleaders began using pom poms in the 1930s as a way to increase their performance quality at school football games. Pom poms at the time were made out of paper and did not last in certain weather due to their lack of durability.

How do you make cheerleading pom poms?

Professional cheerleading pom poms are typically made in factories, yet there are ways in which you may make DIY poms at home. Using ribbon or yarn of the same length, place them next to and on top of one another. Once enough are accumulated, cinch them in the center with a string or tape. After a little fluffing, your homemade pom poms should be ready to go.

Who invented cheerleading pom poms?

Jim Hazlewood is the first to be credited for the first usable pom poms. Hazlewood made them out of tissue paper, which caused quick wear and tear. It was not until 1953 that Lawrence Herkimer patented and began manufacturing more durable pom poms.