Cheerleading Bags and Backpacks

Cheerleading Bags

Cheerleading bags are necessary to carry shoes, poms, practicewear, and any other essentials. They come in many sizes and forms which are suitable for different occasions. Below we will cover the types, materials, and brands you should know along with important considerations when purchasing a cheerleading bag.

What are cheerleading bags used for?

Cheerleading bags are used to store and carry belongings for cheerleaders. The bags can hold practicewear, shoes, poms, hair bows, and any other personal items cheerleaders may need. Some other common items inside the bags include styling products, extra practice shoes, wraps, first aid kits, and extra clothing. Cheerleading bags are important as cheerleaders have many belongings needed for their performances that they carry from different locations. The bags are versatile as they can be used for cheer competitions, practice, camp, gym, or even vacation. 

Cheerleading bags come in many styles and colors, giving cheerleaders the flexibility to match their bag with their team’s colors and style. They also vary as they are customizable by adding school logos, team names, mascots, and squad members. Cheerleading bags can also serve as a fashion statement due to their stylish nature.

Things To Consider

When looking for cheerleading bags, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What will you be carrying in your bag?
  • How big of a cheerleading bag do you need?
  • What material do you want your bag to be made of?
  • How much money do you want to spend on a cheerleading bag?
  • Is there a certain color or pattern you want your bag to have?


There are three main types of cheerleading bags including drawstrings, duffles, and backpacks.


Cheerleading Bag Drawstring

Drawstring bags are lightweight, portable, and affordable cheerleading bag options. They are easily accessible with one compartment, making it simple to find items. They are ideal for smaller items or cheerleading practice. The downside to a drawstring bag is that it lacks space, making it difficult to store all essential equipment and belongings.


Cheerleading Bag Duffle

Cheer duffle bags come in larger sizes and shapes to provide more space and carry all of the cheerleader’s equipment. Some of the most popular designs include a separate shoe compartment, top zippers, padded and removable shoulder straps, and side and front pockets. Many brands also provide customization for their duffle bags, allowing you to distinguish yours from others.


Cheerleading Bag Backpack

Cheerleading backpacks are convenient to organize your practicewear, homework, and supplies. Some special features they have include headphone slots, padded shoulder straps, water compartments, and double zip tops. They are ideal for cheerleaders who are managing both school and cheer practice/competitions. Most cheerleading backpacks are also customizable to help make your cheer squad stand out. 


Cheerleading bags are made from a variety of materials to best suit each cheerleader.

  • Nylon: Nylon is a popular option for cheerleading bags as they are durable, elastic, strong, and can resist abrasion. All these characteristics contribute to a high-quality bag that will last cheerleaders a long time.
  • Polyester: If you’re looking for a durable and resistant bag, polyester is the way to go. It withstands UV well, resulting in its fast-drying properties. Polyester is also lightweight and strong.
  • Canvas: Canvas bags are very durable as they’re slightly heavier. They last for a long time and can withstand damage.


There are a variety of brands to choose from when purchasing cheerleading brands including Omni Cheer and Nfinity.

  • Omni Cheer: Omni Cheer provides on-trend cheerleading equipment. They offer a variety of cheer bags including backpacks and duffle bags. This also includes customization options for each bag, such as imprinting and embroidery.
  • Nfinity: Nfinity offers a range of backpacks at a higher cost, ranging from $40-$160. They carry backpacks in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Some models they offer include their classic, petite, and festival bags. 


When purchasing cheerleading bags, some important considerations include durability, cost, and sizes.


Cheerleading bags vary in durability depending on the materials they are made of. When looking for a bag, a customer should look out for resistance to abrasion, water, and weather. Resistance to these issues will increase the life cycle of the bag.


The cost of cheerleading bags depends on the brand, type, and material of the bag. A drawstring bag starts at $10. For a duffle bag you can expect to pay $20 and up. Backpacks start from $15 and up. These are only starting prices and will increase for branded items and additional customizations.


There is no standardized size for cheerleading bags. Usually, the size is dependent on the type of bag (duffle, backpack etc.). Duffle bags and backpacks are usually larger, providing more compartments for storage. Drawstring backs are smaller in size, with only one compartment to store items. Cheerleaders must choose the type and size of bag that will fit all their necessities.


What should I put in my cheer bag for practice?

Cheer teams practice frequently, so your cheerleading bag should carry your everyday essentials. One can put in their uniforms, practicewear, shoes, and poms. Some other necessities include first aid kits, accessories, wraps, and extra clothing/shoes. Styling products such as hair bows, bobby pins, makeup, and hairspray can also come in handy when prepping for competitions.

What are the types of cheerleading bags?

There are three main types of cheerleading bags: drawstrings, duffles, and backpacks. Drawstring bags are affordable and lightweight, making it easy to carry personal essentials. Duffle bags are larger in size with compartments and can carry all the necessary equipment for cheerleaders during competitions or practice. Backpacks are convenient with additional compartments and suitable for cheerleaders who attend school.

How much does a cheerleading bag cost?

You can expect to pay as low as $10 for a drawstring bag. Backpacks start from $15 but they can go as high as $160 for branded bags. Duffle bags vary in price but start around $20 and increase in price depending on the brand. These are the starting price points for each bag type, but the price can increase if you add customizations such as imprinting or embroidery to your bag.