Checkers Basic Rules For Kids


Checkers Rules

Two players play on opposite ends of the board. One is assigned the black color disc, and the other is assigned the white or red disc.

Each player will begin with 12 discs that are set on the 12 closest dark squares to them.

The person with the black discs will move first, and then players will alternate turns.

The discs can be moved diagonally and can only move one square unless it captures an opponent's disc.

To capture an opponent's disc, the player's piece must jump over the piece in a diagonal line, landing on the next dark space in front of the opponent's piece.

Only one disc can be captured in a single jump, but multiple jumps are allowed if the same piece can capture more than one disc.

All pieces must move forward on the board towards the opponent’s side.

If a player’s piece reaches the opponent's side, it is upgraded to king status by placing an opponent’s captured piece on top of the player's piece.

The king disc can also only move diagonally but can move forwards or backwards.

A player wins the game when the opponent can’t make a move either because they will be captured or their remaining disks are blocked in.