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What is the sport of canoe?

Canoeing is a sport that is widely known to many as it can take many different forms. Plenty of campers and everyday people canoe for fun to explore lakes, rivers, and streams around them. Others race in formal competitions trying to finish the course faster than the other competitors around them. No matter the form of canoeing that is taking place the equipment and process is generally the same. A boat, paddles, and people to paddle are needed. Canoeing is usually done in pairs with one person in the front of the boat and the other in the back. Sometimes more may be placed in the middle as well. No matter the purpose of the trip in the canoe, it has been an essential and important part of people's lives for generations.


The sport of canoeing can be traced back to some of the first civilizations known to mankind over 8,000 years ago. Its original purpose was for transporting anything that needed to be moved over water including goods and people. Native people perfected the art of making the canoe some being over 20 feet in length which provided valuable transportation space. Canoeing for sport began in the mid-1850s and was first an Olympic sport in the 1936 Games. Some form of canoeing has been in each Olympics since its inception across multiple lengths and disciplines. Many enjoy watching these events and outside of just the Olympics there are many more local boating clubs that host competitions and races throughout the year.