How Does Scoring Work In Broomball?

How Does Scoring Work In Broomball

Broomball is a sport played in two running-time halves, for a minimum of 36 minutes total. Whichever team scores more points during that time by hitting the ball into their opponent’s net wins the game. If both teams have scored the same number of goals when the regular game and subsequent overtime period ends, the winner will be determined by a shootout.

Each goal scored is worth one point. A team scores a goal when the ball enters the net of their opponent. The player on the scoring team who last touches the ball before it enters the net is credited with scoring the goal. Up to two players may also be credited with assists on each goal. A player is credited with an assist if they passed directly to the person who scored the goal, or if they passed to the person who then passed to the person who scored the goal.

In order for a goal to count, the ball must be hit with a broom and enter the opponent’s net. A goal may also be counted if the ball deflects off the body of a player on either team and enters the net. The last player on the scoring team who touches the ball before it enters the net will be awarded the goal, even if the ball deflects off of a defending player. 

Illegal Scoring

Sometimes, after the ball enters the net, an official may determine that the goal does not count because of one of the following factors:

  • The goal was intentionally scored with a body part other than the player’s broom (i.e. the ball was kicked, thrown, etc).
  • The goal was scored with a broom that was raised above the scoring player’s shoulders.
  • A player on the scoring team is judged to have interfered with the defending team’s goaltender and prevented them from saving the ball.
  • The officials last the ball hit before it entered the net, rather than a player.

Role of the Officials in Scoring

The officials overseeing each game have the power to determine when a goal counts and when it does not. Sometimes, calls must be made that may feel subjective to the players on the ice, such as a case where the ball hits an attacking player and goes into the net. When this happens, the official must determine whether the player intentionally hit the ball, which would make the goal illegal, or whether the ball simply bounced off the player and went in, making the goal legal.

Overtime Scoring

If both teams have scored the same number of points at the end of the allotted time, there are two possibilities. At the recreational level, the game may simply end in a tie. At higher levels of playoff competition, such as the World Broomball Championship tournament, a game that is tied after regulation will go to overtime. 

In games governed by the rules of the International Federation of Broomball Associations, overtime ends as soon as a single goal is scored. This is commonly known across various sports as “golden goal” or “sudden death” overtime, since scoring a single goal wins the game for your team.

Shootout Scoring

If neither team scores in overtime during a tournament, the game is decided by a shoot out. In a shootout, each team chooses three players to participate, and these steps are taken for each player, alternating teams:

  1. The referee places the ball at the center of the ice
  2. The player steps up and plays the ball forward
  3. The player takes a shot, which either enters the net or is saved by the goaltender

If the ball bounces off the goaltender, the shooting player may not attempt a rebound shot. This procedure is the same that is followed by an individual player if a penalty shot is awarded.

After three players have taken shots for each team, the total number of successful goals per team is tallied, and the team with more shootout goals wins the game. If the teams scored the same number of shootout goals, another player from each team will shoot, and this will continue until one team scores and the other does not.

Penalty Shots

In certain situations when a penalty is called, the player who has been fouled may be awarded a penalty shot. This player has the opportunity to take the ball and try to score on the goaltender without any other players on the ice, following the same procedure as in a shootout.


How do you score points in broomball?

A goal in broomball is scored by hitting the ball into the opponent’s net with your stick, known as a broom. Each goal scored is worth one point. A goal may also be scored if you hit the ball and it bounces off of another player and into the net. A goal may not be scored by intentionally throwing or kicking the ball into the net.