Boxing Punch Types

There are a few fundamental punches in boxing that can be used either alone or to build a combination. In this tutorial, we will break down the types of punches boxers use in bouts and what they can be used for.

List of Punch Types

  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Uppercut


Jabs are quick movements meant to set up other punches, create space, or distract the opponent. A regular jab steps forward with the lead foot, quickly extends the lead arm to the opponent, and brings it back to a defensive position.

The other types of jabs are the power jab, double jab, tapper, space-maker, body jab, and counter jab.


Cross punches can be used in various ways, as an opening or counterpunch, or in combination.

A boxer executes a cross punch by bringing his rear hand past his face, toward his opponent, and pivoting in the direction of the punch. In a right-handed cross punch, the boxer's right hand would travel across his body as he pivots to the left.


The hook approaches its target from the side, which can make it an especially effective blow because the opponent may not see it coming. A boxer rotates his whole body to throw a hook, and keeps the elbow high throughout.


The uppercut is a rapid punch thrown in close-range with the opponent that lands under the opponent's chin. The boxer bends his knees, dropping either his left or right shoulder, and rotating in order to drive that fist upward.