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Boxing Pads

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What are boxing pads?

Boxing pads are wearable padding usually covering the hands or entire forearm of a trainer. Pads are usually made from some type of foam or other padding surrounded by leather complete with adjustable straps. Pads are extremely useful for mastering technique of individual punches, footwork, defense and entire combinations. The trainer wearing the pads can simulate the moves of an actual boxer, placing the pads where openings would occur or throwing punches at the trainee. This allows for a unique blend of training both offense and defense, and a good pad partner can move with exceptional speed, forcing the boxer to sharpen their reaction times. Additionally, it offers the trainer wearing the pads the opportunity to see the trainee's technique up close and personal, allowing for instant feedback and precise critiques. Overall, pad work is one of the most fundamental parts of training for a boxer.

Boxing Pads

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