Boxing Jump Ropes

What is a boxing jump rope?

Jump ropes are considered to be essential to most every boxer’s serious training because of the footwork and cardio benefits it provides. Far beyond the basic schoolyard jump rope, boxers have complex patterns and rhythm drills that can be honed with a jump rope. The jump rope itself is different from those of childhood, sporting durable plastic over woven ropes and often  featuring weighted handles. Even for large, sluggish boxers, it is imperative to train their footwork, and using a jump rope is an easy way to do so. Just as there is more than one way to shoe a horse, there is more than one way to jump a rope. More coordinated individuals can use unique and more challenging methods of jumping rope. Jumping rope for a longer period of time also proves beneficial for cardio and form. For many boxer’s stances, it is necessary to stand on the toes of the feet rather than standing flat-footed, and this can prove to be more difficult in later rounds when a boxer fatigues. Since jumping rope keeps a boxer on their toes however, the form sacrifice that comes with fatigue can be combated with extensive training.

Boxing Jump Rope