How Much Does It Cost To Go Boxing?

How Much Does It Cost To Go Boxing

There are two main cost categories that a person needs to pay for when boxing: equipment and gyms. Below is a detailed report on what these categories entail and how much, on average, it costs to go boxing in the United States.


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When you first begin boxing, the main things needed are workout clothes and boxing gloves. Workout clothes should be a cotton t-shirt and shorts at minimum. Boxing gloves, in particular, cost $50 on average. Most boxing gyms will only require these two things when you are a beginner.

Once your skills advance, you will likely need to acquire more equipment. These include headgear, a mouth guard, and hand wraps. On average, headgear costs $70, mouth guards cost $20, and hand wraps cost $10.

If you are looking to box at home instead of at a gym, more equipment may be required. To make a home gym that can function like most boxing gyms, you would need mitts, punching bags, a cup/groin protector, hand-held dumbbells, a boxing bar, and boxing shoes. The difference between a mitt and a glove is that a glove is for sparring and hitting the bag, whereas a mitt is only for hitting a bag. This is because a mitt only protects the knuckles instead of the whole face and hands, like a glove does. These pieces of equipment can cost anywhere from $30 to $350, depending upon the piece of equipment. For example, boxing mitts cost around $30, while most boxing bags cost between $50 and $250, depending on the type of bag, while a boxing bar can cost up to or more than $350. 

Gyms and Lessons

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There are two types of gyms a boxer typically trains at: traditional gyms and boxing gyms, where a person goes specifically to box. Some traditional gyms may have a heavy bag (otherwise known as a heavyweight bag) for training, but it isn’t standard. However, some gyms have heavy bags at some of their locations, including popular gyms such as Crunch Fitness, Snap Fitness, LA Fitness, Equinox, Life Time Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and YMCA. Snap Fitness actually offers boxing lessons at some locations. Prices at these gyms will vary, but they are often less than gyms dedicated to boxing.

Boxing gyms, also known as boxing clubs, are the other option for boxing training. If the boxing gym provides coaching or any extra assistance, the membership will cost more money. However, the gyms that don’t offer this may provide high-end equipment for a lower price. If you are going to a boxing gym for specific classes, these classes can cost between $80 and $180 a month. Prices of these classes depend on the popularity of the club. Some clubs have you train with amateur and pro boxers, but these are more expensive and can cost $300 a month. There are some cases where costs are even higher, such as when a person wants personal training. There are also boxing lessons you can take that charge per hour. These lessons can cost between $15 and $100 per hour. 

Cost of Boxing

The cost to go boxing depends on two factors: equipment and gyms. The equipment needed depends on whether you are going to a gym or creating a home gym.

Boxing at a home gym will cost an average of $1,190 if you want it to be as much like a boxing gym as possible. However, with a home gym, you will miss out on the coaching, lessons, classes, and personal training that may be available at boxing gyms.

Boxing Gyms vary in price, but by taking the average of the most popular boxing gyms in the United States, you will likely spend around $152 a month for a boxing gym. Adding the equipment you will need as a beginner, assuming you already have workout clothes, you will be spending around $172 for your first month. Then, as you advance in your training, you will be paying an additional $100 for more equipment besides your boxing gloves, which includes headgear, mouth guard, and hand wraps.