How Does Boxing Betting Work?

How Does Boxing Betting Work

Boxing is one of the most popular betting sports. Betting in boxing can be placed on many different aspects of the match. It is possible to bet on who will win the match, how the player will win the match, how long the match will last, and other aspects. These options for betting are possible for any one-on-one player sports. Boxing betting typically takes place online. While boxing is no longer as popular as it used to be, there are still heavy bets taking place for big matches against popular professional boxers. Boxing fights do not happen as often as other sports games do. This means that boxing betting may not occur as often as other sports, and is limited to the two to seven fights a player might have per year.

Money-line Betting

One popular type of betting in boxing is money-line betting. Money-line betting is popular across all of sports betting. Money-line betting is one of the most traditional styles of betting in boxing, allowing you to place a bet on which opponent will win the match. With money-line betting comes American odds, which distinguish the favorite and the underdog in the match.

The favorite opponent will have a negative three or four digit number that represents the amount of money a better must bet in order to win anything from picking them. The underdog has a positive amount which represents the amount of money a better can make when betting $100 for the underdog. In this case, you can bet more or less than $100 for the underdog and make the respective amount, if they win the match.

Boxers in the fight are able to place money-line bets on themselves, if specific criteria is followed. A boxer must only bet that they will win the match and their bets must always be consistent without any raises for specific matches.


The next most popular type of bet to place in boxing is over/under. Over/under betting is seen in other sports as well. This type of betting is typically seen in specific scores in games, where one can bet on if the final will be over or under a specific set score. Because boxing is an individual sport that doesn’t revolve around a set score, over/under betting depends on how long a fight will last. This bet still works the same as it does in other sports. There are specific times allotted that the fight will take place in and you can choose to bet that it will last longer or shorter. This can be divided into betting on rounds or on the entire match as a whole. American odds are also seen in this type of betting and are followed the same way as in money-line betting.

Stoppage or Knockout

The last type of betting made in boxing is specific only to boxing, and no other sports. Stoppage or knockout betting is wages made on players to win the fight through a knockout or a stoppage. This type of betting will only result in a win if the game is concluded with a knockout or stoppage. In the same way as the others, American odds are present in this for a favorite and an underdog. This also sets the minimum bet for the favorite player.

Online Boxing Betting

Betting online for any sport is now the most common way to gamble when it comes to sports. Casinos are no longer the main source of sport gambling. There are plenty of boxing betting websites that are safe and populated with plenty of fans to bet on fights. The most popular betting websites for boxing are Bovada Sportsbook, BetOnline Sportsbook, GTBets Sportsbook, and 5Dimes. These websites allow you to pick what type of bet you wish to make and wage the amount that you want for your specific player and fight.

Sports betting is not legal in every state in the US. Currently there are seventeen states that have sports betting legalized or where some have no legislation against. In these states, betting is allowed online and in person at casinos. Betting is available online and on mobile applications for ease.


How do boxing bets work?

Boxing bets can be made on many different aspects of a specific fight. The bets are placed the same as in other sports betting games, but with some different options. Aspects like who wins the fight, how long the fight is, and if someone wins by knockout or stoppage can all be bet on in a game. These bets are typically placed online and all use American odds to determine minimum wages and have a favorite and underdog opponent.

Where can I bet on boxing?

Betting on boxing typically takes place on popular online websites, the day of or leading up to the fight. Some of the most popular boxing betting websites are Bovada Sportsbook, BetOnline Sportsbook, GTBets Sportsbook, and 5Dimes. To be able to bet on boxing online or in person, sports betting must be legal in the state which you are betting from. Currently, there are seventeen states that have sports betting legalized.

Can you bet on yourself to win in boxing?

A boxer is able to bet on themselves in a match if their bets match a specific criteria. The boxer must be betting on themselves to win. In addition, the boxer must have always bet on themselves and has bet the same amount on themselves to maintain consistency and make sure there is no other reasoning behind the sudden bet. A boxer is unable to bet on themself to lose.

What does +500 mean in boxing odds?

+500 in boxing odds is American odds representing which player is the underdog and how much can be earned from betting on them. +500 shows how much one can win if they bet $100 on the underdog. If the underdog wins, the bettor will win $500 plus their $100 wage. Positive numbers represent the underdog, while a -500 would represent the favorite. This would require someone to bet 500 in order to win $100.