Boxing Hand Wraps

What are hand wraps in boxing?

Hand wraps are crucial pieces of protective equipment for boxers. They serve to support the wrists and pad the knuckles, helping to prevent hand fractures. Hand wraps come in two forms, reusable and single-use. Reusable hand wraps are made from strips of fabric, usually cotton. Wraps can also be made from other materials like nylon or bamboo to add elasticity. They come in varying lengths, but most adult boxers used 180-inch wraps. Single-use wraps achieve the same effect but instead use gauze and sports tape. Whether single-use or reusable, it is important that the wraps are not applied too tightly or too loosely. If a boxer’s hands are wrapped too tightly, then the wraps can cut off blood flow to the hands. Conversely, wraps applied too loosely will slide off and not provide the necessary support to the wrists.

Boxing Hand Wrap