Boxing Groin Protectors

What is a groin protector in boxing?

Groin protectors are required in all levels of boxing for both males and females. They are made by padding a hard shell with foam or other material and enclosing the whole device in leather or similar material, complete with some type of elastic and velcro to set size. The leather, like leather used in most other boxing equipment, helps to improve durability. The device typically covers the entire groin area, but also extends up to the lower torso, covering up to an inch or two above the navel. The device most transparently protects the private areas, but it also serves to mark the beltline. While a layman’s beltline would likely fall at the hips, the beltline used for boxing is higher, and this device helps to make that more visible for referees. Groin protectors are typically worn under the trunks during a fight, but may be worn over them during sparring.

Boxing Groin Protector