Boxing Double End Bags

What is a double end bag in boxing?

The traditional double end bag, also called a floor-to-ceiling bag, is a small leather sphere containing a rubber sac inflated with air. It is connected to the floor and the ceiling with elastic chords. These bags are used to train rhythm, timing, and accuracy more so than technique. They can effectively emulate the difficulty of hitting a moving target with power punches. Additionally, since the bag is attached to elastics, it rebounds back toward the direction from which it was hit, forcing the boxer to move, slip, or block. This makes the double end bag a unique piece of equipment excellent for training both offense and defense. However, because it requires a high level of skill in both reactionary movements and punch coordination, the double end bag comes with a steep learning curve. This does not change its great utility in honing skills for training boxers.

Double end bags notably have other variants of shapes and sizes utilized for different skills. One notable variation is the "Mexican" double end bag, which replaces the typical ball shaped bag with a peanut shaped one instead. This unique shape changes the way the bag moves, and forces the boxer to change the angle of the punches.

Boxing Double End Bag