Can Pro Boxers Compete In The Olympics?

Can Pro Boxers Compete in the Olympics?

Question: Can Professional Boxers Compete in the Olympics?

Answer: Yes, professional boxers have been allowed to compete in the Olympics since 2016. However, most choose not to participate because of differing rules, risk of injury, less financial incentive, among other reasons.

Pro Boxers In The Olympics

Yes, professional boxers can now technically compete in the Olympics! Since 2016, professionals have been allowed to participate in Olympic boxing events. However, most high-level boxers will choose not to participate in the Olympics for a number of reasons. To start, Olympic boxing is still viewed as ameature level, and therefore has many different rules compared to professional boxing in the United States. The Olympics has numerous differing rules including wearing headgear, number of rounds, and how bouts are scored. These differences make Olympic boxing much different from U.S. professional boxing and puts professional boxers in an environment they aren't comfortable competing in.

Risk of Injury in Olympic Boxing

Another big factor in most professional boxer's choice to not participate in Olympic boxing is the risk of potential injury. Boxer's physical status is extremely valuable to themselves and their teams. Considering each fight requires top performance to win, boxers must always be healthy and in top shape. Many professional boxers fear the risk of suffering a career ending injury in a lower level event such as Olympic boxing, especially considering the future revenue they would be losing professionally. The best professional boxers can make upwards of millions for a single fight, so participating in a competition such as the Olympics that would generate them nowhere near that amount of revenue seems pointless to many professionals.