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Boxing is a combat sport where two opponents fight one another by throwing punches. Players wear protective gloves while fighting in a boxing ring, a square-shaped arena with posts in each corner connected by ropes, preventing the fighters from leaving the ring. The match continues until the predetermined time for the match expires, a boxer is disqualified, a boxer surrenders, or the referee determines that a fighter cannot physically continue the match.

All around the world, amateur and professional Boxing leagues are prominent. The market for the sport primarily resides in Mexico, Africa, and South America, though the sport is resurging all around the world.

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What should I bring to my first class?

Bring handwraps and supportive sneakers. If you do not have a pair of gloves, the gym will often lend you one for your first few classes.

Is boxing hard for beginners?

Boxing can be easy to pick up, but is hard to master. It is an extremely difficult workout, and contains a lot of movements where you will need to perfect your form.

What should I eat before boxing?

A light healthy snack will give you the fuel you need to maintain the intensity before a boxing workout. Eating something small like a banana or greek yogurt will be very beneficial.

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