What is Boxing?

Boxing is a combat sport where two opponents fight one another by throwing punches. Players wear protective gloves while fighting in a boxing ring, a square-shaped arena with posts in each corner connected by ropes, preventing the fighters from leaving the ring. The match continues until the predetermined time for the match expires, a boxer is disqualified, a boxer surrenders or the referee determines that a fighter cannot physically continue the match.

All around the world, amateur and professional Boxing leagues are prominent. The market for the sport primarily resides in Mexico, Africa, and South America, though the sport is resurging all around the world.


A boxing match is made up of rounds, a maximum of 12 per match. Each round lasts one to three minutes. There are three judges sitting at ringside who score the boxers during the match. Fighters are scored a 10 to start the fight, and points are taken away as the fight goes on. For instance, if a judge deems that a particular fighter 'won' the round, the other fighter would lose a point. Points are also taken away for knockdowns or penalties. If a match lasts for all rounds, points determine the winner. If fighters have the same score, the bout is a draw.


Boxing has been around for ages, like wrestling. Boxing was declared an Olympic game in 688 B.C.E. in ancient Greece.

Skills and Techniques

There are multiple forms of techniques and strategies involved in boxing. An out-fighter is a boxer who keeps his opponent at a distance, while a puncher is a fighter who prefers to attack his opponent first. Stances are also vital to boxing, whether it be in a fully upright stance to gain height on the opponent or a slouched stance to maintain protection and get underneath the other fighter.

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