What Is A Strike In Bowling?

What is a Strike?

A strike in bowling is when a player knocks down all of their pins on their first try. Strikes are important in the context of the game because they will score you the most possible points. Strikes are hard to come by in bowling because it requires a technique and only the most experienced bowlers can consistently bowl strikes.

How to Bowl a Strike

There is a technique to bowling a strike. We will break down the process of bowling a strike step-by-step.

Step 1: Find a starting position - Line up your left foot in between dots on the ground. Do the opposite if you are left-handed.

Step 2: Find the target - Aim to throw the ball on the second arrow from the right. Throwing the ball to the right of the arrow will give more traction to the ball as it rolls down the lane.

Step 3: Watch where your shot lands - Take note of where the ball rolls and how the pins hit one another. This will help you adjust for your next shot.

Many techniques will have to adjust based on the conditions of the lanes that you are playing on.

Strike Scoring

When a player bowls a strike, they receive an “X” in the small square of their scorecard pictured A Perfect Game. The “X” represents 10 points plus however many pins get knocked down on the two rolls after the strike.

A Perfect Game

In order to get a perfect game in bowling your final score would need to be 300, in other words getting 12 strikes in a row. Getting a perfect score in much more common in competitive bowling than recreational bowling.

Nicknames for Strikes

There are many different and unique nicknames for getting consecutive strikes in bowling. Here’s a full list:

  • Two strikes in a row - Double
  • Three strikes in a row - Turkey or a Triple
  • Four strikes in a row - Four-bagger or Hambone
  • Five strikes in a row - Yahtzee or Five-bagger
  • Six strikes in a row - Six Pack or Six-bagger
  • Seven strikes in a row - Front Seven or Seven-bagger
  • Eight strikes in a row - Front Eight or Eight-bagger
  • Nine strikes in a row - Front Nine or Nine-bagger
  • 10 strikes in a row - Front Ten or Ten Bagger
  • 11 strikes in a row - Front Eleven or Eleven Bagger
  • 12 strikes in a row - 300 or Perfect Game