How Much Does It Cost To Go Bowling?

How Much Does It Cost To Go Bowling

Bowling is a game that can be played at all ages and is widely available in most locations. The cost of bowling can vary greatly depending on the time of year, the level of play, and the specific bowling alley, among several other factors.

How Much Does a Typical Game of Bowling Cost?

A typical game of bowling will cost each person between $2 and $5 per game. This cost varies based on the bowling alley. Some bowling alleys may charge per hour of gameplay instead of per game.

Another cost to consider is shoe rentals. Players that do not have their own pair of bowling shoes must rent from the bowling alley. The average cost to rent a pair of bowling shoes falls between $3 and $6 per person. Similar to the cost per game, this price varies based on the bowling alley.

Bowling Discounts

Many bowling alleys offer discounts to draw more people to play during slower times of the week or year, such as weekday afternoons and summer months. Bowling alleys may also offer cheaper rates if they charge more for other amenities such as food and drink. It is always wise to compare different bowling alleys and search for the best price!

On the other hand, some bowling alleys may charge a higher price to bowl. This is often because the place offers perks that other bowling alleys do not, such as free wifi, food and drink deals, and premium equipment. Prices may also increase on weekends when bowling alleys are typically busier.

Bowling League Costs

Those that like to bowl on a weekly basis may choose to compete in a bowling league. A typical league will charge an entry fee between $10 and $17 per week to bowl. This price usually covers three games per week but excludes the cost of renting shoes. Leagues that run on a shorter schedule can last anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks, while other leagues may run as long as 30 to 36 weeks. A bowling league can be a fun way to keep your bowling skills sharp and can even be rewarding if your team finishes in one of the top spots at the end of the season.

Cosmic Bowling Costs

Cosmic bowling is another special that bowling alleys often use on weekend evenings to bring in more players. During these events, many places will turn down the house lights and turn on neon lights throughout the venue to make it glow while also pumping loud music. This creates a fun and vibrant atmosphere that tends to attract teenagers and young adults. 

Due to the unique environment, bowling alleys raise the prices to bowl during cosmic bowling events. Some places may offer unlimited bowling for the night, which typically costs around $15 per person. Other places may continue to charge per game which can average between $8 to $12 per game per person.

Buying Your Own Bowling Ball

Bowling Ball

Those that bowl often may choose to purchase their own ball to use at the lanes. Many will choose to do this because they can have the holes on the ball customized to fit their fingers, giving them greater control of the ball when competing. An entry-level bowling ball with a plastic composition typically ranges from $40 to $60. Entry-level players looking for a higher-quality ball may pay anywhere from $75 to $150 for a ball often made of urethane or reactive resin.

More experienced bowlers that want to invest in a top-quality reactive resin ball can expect to pay from $150 to $250. Some bowling balls may surpass the $250 price tag but are usually only bought by very serious, skilled bowlers who are looking for a particular ball or style.

Buying Your Own Bowling Shoes

Bowling Shoes

Frequent bowlers may also choose to buy their own shoes instead of renting them from the bowling alley. The shoes available for rent at most bowling alleys are often low quality and uncomfortable compared to ones that can be purchased. Entry-level bowlers or those that just bowl for fun may opt to buy shoes that have an affordable price tag, often ranging from $40 to $50 per pair.

Bowlers that take the game more seriously and compete on a higher level may invest in more expensive shoes that can be effortlessly adjusted to the perfect fit. These higher-end bowling shoes can often cost up to $200 but are worth it if you are bowling competitively on a frequent basis.


What is the standard price for bowling?

On average, the cost of a single game of bowling will range from as low as $1 to $2 and as much as $4.50 to $5. The amount of money you will spend on bowling depends on a variety of factors, including where you play, when you play, and whether the location you play at charges patrons by the game or by the hour. The best way to find deals on bowling is to know how much you’re willing to spend and what that should earn you on average before researching locations and prices. 

When is the best time to go bowling for cheap?

The best time to bowl depends upon the bowling alley in question and factors such as how long you want to bowl for. Some bowling alleys will offer reduced prices for bowling in the morning hours, so those who want to save may choose to bowl early in the day. Other alleys may offer discount nights on certain days of the week, so always be mindful of when your local bowling alley offers reduced prices. Also be mindful of when your local alley is busiest, and when they offer league play, as this will drive business and prices higher.

Is it cheaper to bowl by yourself or in a group?

The cost-effectiveness of bowling individually or in a group depends upon how the bowling alley you’re attending charges. If the alley charges by the hour, bowling individually or in small groups is most cost-effective, as you can likely fit many games into each hour. However, if you have a large group, charging by the game is more cost-effective, as paying by the hour will mean you will get to play fewer games, due to each taking longer.