How Does Bowling Betting Work?

How Does Bowling Betting Work

Bowling is an extremely popular game played by more than 100 million people across 90 countries in both recreational and competitive formats. Since there are so many fans, gambling has become more widespread. Keep reading to find basic information about betting on bowling.

What Are Bowling Bets?

Several types of bets can be placed on bowling, just like gambling on other sports. Many online sports betting platforms will include bowling in its mix in several different forms, including tournament style, online casinos, and pot betting.

The legitimacy of online betting can vary depending on the platform. When choosing an online casino, it is suggested that participants research the track record of the site and take note of the payout schemes. 

Tournament Betting

When people participate in tournament style betting, they can attend a live tournament that involves playing against many different people while the game or tournament is actively going on. People can choose to bet on many different variations, but more often than not, a bettor will bet on a given team or player to win overall. The odds of winning may also vary, but they are typically agreed upon by all of the parties involved.

Online Casino Betting

Online casino betting on bowling is more complex than tournament style. Similar to tournament style, online casino participants can bet on either teams or individual players. However, they can also bet on specifics of the scoring and results. They can even bet on the total number of strikes, total number of spares, and total number of strikes in a certain number of games or rounds. 

Tenpin Bowling Betting

Tenpin bowling is typically the type of bowling that receives bets in the online casinos. In this kind of bowling, bets are accepted in a few ways, including frame betting and frame winner betting. Frame betting involves betting on the final score that is reached within the frame. It also involves betting on individual winners of each frame upon completion.

Candlepin Bowling Betting

Candlepin bowling is another type of bowling that has increased in the number of received bets. Bracket betting is the most common bet type in this version of bowling, and involves putting one bowler up against another and placing bets on the different brackets within the game.

Bowling Pot Betting

There are a few ways to bet on games that involve being in a group with a huge number of bets. Strike pot betting is similar to a raffle in the sense that participants can bet on their own game, meaning that they are actively bowling themselves. Having three or more players in the group and focusing on one pair of lanes when engaging in pot betting is the most ideal situation. If there are more people that wish to participate, multiple lanes can be used provided that the atmosphere and settings are the same. Pot betting in general is a great way to combine competition and excitement while also gambling your money.

For this method, each player must bet on the pot and the amount is usually agreed upon by the participants before the start of any game play. Depending on the number of people involved, this initial bet can be large or small. The pot bowl winners will take all of the money in the pot and they can choose whether or not to continue playing. This kind of betting can lead to discovering a great talent and learning to play in bowling tournaments.


Can you bet on bowling?

Yes, it is possible to gamble on bowling. The most popular forms of bowling betting are online casino betting, tournament betting, and pot betting. You can either place bets on an online sportsbook or in person at a casino.