Bowling Ball Bags

Bowling Bag

Bowling ball bags are an essential accessory for the sport, especially for frequent bowlers. While not every competitor uses one, most find the bags to be very useful for carrying their equipment to the bowling alley. There are many different brands, styles, and colors of bags for bowlers to choose from.

What are bowling ball bags used for?

Bowling ball bags are primarily used to carry and store bowling equipment. A couple common items that are carried in the bags include bowling shoes and bowling balls. Bowling ball bags may also be used to carry additional items such as a water bottle, towel, and snacks.

One of the main differences in bowling ball bags is their size. Some may only hold one ball, while others are designed to hold multiple balls, shoes, and various other accessories. In addition, the mode of transport of the bags also differs. While some bags must be carried, rolling bags, which are similar to suitcases, are also available that allow bowlers to carry more equipment. No matter one's preferences or budget, bowling ball bags are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and price ranges to meet the needs of every bowler.

Things To Consider

When looking for a bowling ball bag, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What will you be using the bag for?
  • How many bowling balls do you need the bag to hold?
  • Would you prefer to carry or wheel your bag?
  • Do you need it to hold other equipment such as shoes or accessories?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a bowling ball bag?


There are several different types of bowling ball bags including tote, roller, and retro bags.

Tote Bowling Ball Bags

bowling ball bag tote

Tote bowling ball bags are a simpler type of bag, as they only hold from one to two bowling balls. Traditionally, tote bags are carried by using a handle or shoulder strap on the bag. These bags are best for bowlers who do not need to carry much.

Roller Bowling Ball Bags

bowling ball bag roller

For those that wish to carry more equipment, roller bowling ball bags may be the best option. These bags have wheels on them and can be pulled behind the bowler as they enter the bowling alley. Compared to tote bags, roller bags have space to hold two or more bowling balls.

Retro Bowling Ball Bags

Bowling Ball Bag Retro

Retro bowling ball bags are the oldest type of bag out of the three. These bags are relatively small, as they only hold one ball and have two handles for carrying. The bags also have space underneath the ball to store other bowling equipment including shoes and accessories.


A few common materials that bowling ball bags are made of include polyester, nylon, and polyvinyl.

  • Polyester: Polyester is a very common material for bowling ball bags that is typically thick and durable.
  • Nylon: Nylon is heavier and more durable than polyester, and therefore is usually more expensive.
  • Polyvinyl: Polyvinyl is a high quality material that is also effective at weathering the elements and is often found in 6-ball bags.


A few of the best bowling ball bag brands include Storm, Pyramid, and Brunswick.

  • Storm: Storm makes a variety of bag types including roller, tote, backpack, and accessory. Its bags can hold anywhere from 1 to 6 bowling balls.
  • Pyramid: Pyramid offers an assortment of single, double, and triple ball bags that come in both tote and roller styles.
  • Brunswick: Brunswick also offers a variety of tote, roller, and lifestyle bags. Its bags can only hold from 1 to 3 balls.


A few things to consider when choosing a bowling ball bag include its durability, cost, and size.


It is very important to consider the durability of a bowling ball bag. The material of the bag largely determines its durability and can be measured using the Denier scale, which is similar to thread count. Bags with a higher Denier number have a higher quality fabric and are more durable compared to bags with a lower Denier number.


The cost of a bowling ball bag can vary anywhere from $20 to over $200 based on its style, size, and brand. In terms of style, roller bags are generally more expensive than tote bags. Furthermore, bags that hold more bowling balls usually have a higher price tag than those that only have room for one.


Bowling ball bags come in a variety of sizes. Retro and tote bags are generally smaller than roller bags and only hold from one to two bowling balls. Roller bags have many size options, with bags that can hold anywhere from two to six bowling balls.


How much do bowling ball bags cost?

Bowling ball bags widely vary in cost based on their style and size. Single and double ball tote bags are generally the least expensive option, with a price tag ranging from $20 to $40. Roller bags are typically more expensive and have a wider price range based on the size of the bag. While double ball roller bags start around $55, bags that hold five or six balls can cost well over $200.

What are the different kinds of bowling ball bags?

The three primary types of bowling ball bags include tote, roller, and retro bags. Retro bowling ball bags are the classic style and are typically carried using handles. Tote bags may be carried by handles or padded shoulder straps. Both retro and tote bags are usually smaller and more inexpensive than roller bags. Roller bags contain wheels and can be pulled behind bowlers, allowing them to carry more bowling balls and more overall weight.

What are the benefits of having a bowling ball bag?

Bowling ball bags are very helpful to bowlers because they allow them to carry the necessary equipment needed to compete. The bags typically hold items including bowling balls and shoes, towels, water bottles, and other accessories. By using bowling ball bags, competitors save themselves the hassle of carrying their equipment individually. While retro and tote bags are useful for carrying bowling necessities, roller bags are especially useful because they can hold much more and can be wheeled rather than carried.