What is bodybuilding?

It takes place in the form of competitions, where bodybuilders are judged based on their muscle mass as well as their muscular symmetry. A common misconception is that the competitors lift weights at the competitions. In reality, the competitions are all about showing off the work you have been doing leading up to the competition. The poses required vary for different competitions, but many of the same basic poses are found everywhere. A few of these poses include the Standing Still Symmetry, Front Double Biceps, and Front Lat Spread.

Why are bodybuilders so tan?

Bodybuilders use artificial tanners before competitions. This is because these tanners better define muscles. Being well defined is very important when it comes to competitions, as it is a big part of your score. Bodybuilders also often accumulate stretch marks from the constant bulking and cutting they do when training. Tanner can hide these stretch marks, making the user look better to judges.

What do bodybuilders do?

Bodybuilders spend the majority of their time training, mostly weight lifting in a gym. These athletes have precise workout routines with a goal of maximizing their gains while maintaining symmetry. Additionally, they follow consistent diets to balance their nutrition. It is important to have a good workout plan and defined nutrition plan because of the constant exercise and specific dieting, bodybuilding is just as much a lifestyle as it is a sport.

Arnold Achwarzenegger

Bodybuilding originates from the post World War II era. One of the most notable bodybuilders is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger brought attention to the sport with his fantastic physique and grew his fame through his acting career and eventually pursued politics.

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