Bobsleigh, also called bobsled, is a team winter sport that has teams being timed as they ride down narrow and twisting iced tracks in a sleigh. The bobsleigh sleds carry either two people or four people.

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What is bobsleigh?

Bobsleighing is a very high-speed sport in which the fastest bobsleigh to cross the finish line is the winner. Each sled travels along curvy, iced tracks. At the beginning of the race, which is vital to a team's success, team members will run alongside the sled until it picks up speed, which is when they hop into the bobsleigh. A four-person bobsleigh can reach speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. The two-person bobsleigh runs somewhat slower but still achieves a high speed.

Is bobsleigh an official sport?

Yes, bobsleigh became an official sport in 1923. There are Bobsleigh World Championships held every year along with many other tournaments. Bobsleigh is also a Winter Olympic sport.

What are the different types of bobsleigh?

There are two different types of bobsleigh. The two-person boblet (as it's called in Europe) is a team of two athletes in a sleigh. The four-person bobsleigh works the exact same, except there are four athletes in a sleigh, so the weight requirements and limits are different. The two-person boblet limits team and sled combined weights to 390 kg (860 pounds). The four-person bobsleigh limits team and sled combined weights to 630 kg (1,389 pounds). The maximum team and sled combined weight for the two-women competition is 340 kg (750 pounds).