Top 6 Best BMX Bike Brands

best bmx bike brands

BMX bikes are a popular way for kids to get around and have fun outside, but plenty of adults love them too. Descended from bikes used in all-terrain dirt racing, BMX bikes are as popular as ever now that the trick-oriented freestyle BMX discipline has dominated the sport. Here are some of the top BMX bike brands today, ranging from basic bargains to top-level rides for the pros.

  1. Mongoose
  2. Haro
  3. Eastern
  4. Elite
  5. Kink
  6. Sunday

1. Mongoose

Mongoose is a bicycle brand based in Wisconsin that is distributed by Pacific Cycle and owned by Dorel Industries. Skip Hess started the company in 1974 in Simi Valley, California. Their first product was an iconic motorsport-inspired cast aluminum wheel called the Motomag One.

Within two years, Mongoose was producing whole bikes and quickly became known for manufacturing quality BMX bikes and sponsoring winning BMX race teams. Today, Mongoose continues to sell several models of BMX bikes, as well as mountain bikes, commuters, and children’s bikes. They also offer freestyle scooters and electric commuter scooters.

Mongoose has long sponsored a factory BMX race team. Some of the original factory-sponsored riders were John George, Tinker Juarez, Kenny Nachman, and Danny Oakley. Over the years, Eric Rupe, Cash Matthews, Bobby Encinas, Anthony Sewell, Matt Raymer, Toby Henderson, Andy Ruffell, and many other famous BMX riders have been sponsored by Mongoose. Current sponsored riders include Payton Ridenour, Justin Posey, Cam Wood, and Mason Hayes.

2. Haro

  • Founded: 1978
  • Website:
  • Products: Freestyle Bikes, Race Bikes, Big Wheel BMX Bikes, Bike Frames, Steering, Drivetrains, Seats, Wheels

Haro Bikes is a BMX and mountain bike brand based in Torrance, CA. Bob Haro founded the company in 1978 as Haro Designs, manufacturing number plates for BMX racing. Haro expanded and began designing bikes, selling their first complete BMX bike in 1983. Bob Haro was an elite BMX rider and his displays of groundbreaking tricks in competitions, as well as his innovative frame designs, helped lay the groundwork of freestyle BMX as a sport.

Today, Haro sells BMX bikes, mountain bikes, commuters, e-bikes, and children’s bikes, as well as road bikes under the brand Masi and cruisers branded as Del Sol. They also produce an upscale sub-brand of BMX bikes, parts, and accessories called Premium Products.

Over the years, Haro has sponsored some of the most successful freestyle BMX riders in the sport, including Ryan Nyquist, Dave Mirra, Dennis McCoy, Eddie Fiola, Matt Hoffman, Donovan Ritter, Marc McGlynn, R.L. Osborn, Mike Dominguez, ​​Bob Morales, and Rich Sigur. 

3. Eastern

  • Founded: 1996
  • Website:
  • Products: BMX Bikes, Bike Frames, Bars, Bottom Brackets, Brakes, Chains, Cranks, Forks, Grips, Pedals, Pegs, Repair Kits, Seats, Posts, Clamps, Sprockets, Stems, Stickers, Tires, Tubes, Wheels

Eastern Bikes is a boutique BMX bike brand operating out of Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was started in 1996 by BMX riders Jon Byers and Mike Corley. They still own the brand today, and most of the employees continue to be BMX riders themselves.

Eastern is known for innovations in freestyle BMX bikes, such as the frame cutouts used in their lightweight titanium Grim Reaper frame, numerous advances in hub design and construction, and the use of plastic hub guards for protection when grinding. Today, Eastern sells a range of BMX bikes, frames, and parts, as well as hardtail mountain bike models and cruisers.

Eastern sponsors a factory BMX racing team, a freestyle team, and a factory test team. Sponsored Eastern BMX riders include racers Adam Banton, Kelly Bolton, Craig Mast, Daniel Donges, and Brian Wizmerski, as well as freestyle riders Cody Jennings, Seamus McKeon, Nick Anderson, Josh Perry, Darren Bouldin, Kenneth Tencio, Luke Padelski, Josh Roberson, Zach Kring, Tommy Myall, Russell Summerville, and Robbie Taylor.

4. Elite

  • Founded: 2016
  • Website:
  • Products: BMX Bikes, Bike Frames, Bars, Forks, Stems, Rims, Wheels, Brakes, Sprockets, Chains, Bearings, Cranks, Pedals, Grips, Seats, Pegs

Elite BMX Company is an American BMX bike brand. In operation since 2016, Elite BMX is based in South El Monte, California. The brand is known for its affordable entry-level BMX bikes, such as the Stealth model. Elite BMX only sells steel frame bicycles, with manufacturing duties handled by ISD Distribution. In addition to entry-level bikes, Elite BMX also offers higher-end BMX bikes that offer exceptional value for their performance and component specifications.

According to online user and expert reviews, Elite BMX bikes are a great option for children who want to get into the sport, especially the Stealth. Some outlets crown the Stealth as the best cheap BMX bike option on the market. This full range of BMX bikes is complemented by a rigid frame cruiser, as well as Elite BMX-branded parts and clothing. The brand sponsors a freestyle BMX team. Elite BMX-sponsored riders include factory team members Ryan Guettler and Justin Pursley.

5. Kink

  • Founded: 1994
  • Website:
  • Products: BMX Bikes, Bike Frames, Chains, Cranks, BB's, Forks, Grips, Barends, Handlebars, Headsets, Hubs, Guards, Pedals, Pegs, Seating, Small Parts, Spokes, Nipples, Sprockets, Stems, Tires, Tubes, Wheels

Kink BMX Company is a BMX bike brand based in Rochester, New York. Kink BMX was started in 1994 by Zack Phillips, at the time only 16 years old, as a small business fabricating and selling freestyle BMX components to riders.

Today, Kink sells several models of professional-grade BMX bikes in a variety of frame and wheel sizes, as well as a full line of parts, accessories, and clothing. Their range-topping model is the Williams, named after Kink factory team rider Nathan Williams, who helped design the bike to be as close to the one he rides in competition as possible.

Kink is a major sponsor of BMX riders all over the globe. They sponsor a professional freestyle BMX factory team, as well as provide sponsorship for an international team and an amateur team. Some of the pro freestyle riders sponsored by Kink are Casey Starling, Jacob Cable, Calvin Kosovich, Hobie Doan, Dan Collier, Travis Hughes, and Nathan Williams. 

6. Sunday

  • Founded: 2005
  • Website:
  • Products: BMX Bikes, Frames, Forks, Handlebars, Stems, Headsets, Cranks, Sprockets, Chains, Pedals, Grips, Seating, Tires, Wheels, Rims, Hubs, Spokes, Pegs, Brakes

Sunday Bikes is a Norwalk, California-based BMX bike brand known for their brightly-colored bikes and innovative frame designs. Sunday’s flagship bike is the Soundwave Special, and it is one of the highest-quality, best-specified, and most expensive complete BMX bikes on the market.

Also at the top of Sunday’s range is the Broc Raiford Darkwave Authentic, which is an exact replica of factory team rider Broc Raiford’s personal competition bike, including left-hand drive and all aftermarket components. Sunday was founded in 2005 when they began selling forks and handlebars made with a groundbreaking heat-treatment process. This was followed up the next year by their now-iconic Sunday frame, the first in the industry to feature hollow dropouts.

Sunday is an enormous supporter of freestyle BMX riders, sponsoring a professional factory team, an amateur team, and an international team. Some riders sponsored by Sunday include Maca Perez Grasset, Jake Seeley, Julian Arteaga, Erik Elstran, Brett Silva, and Broc Raiford.

Honorable Mentions


Founded in 1977, Diamondback has been providing the BMX and mountain biking communities with quality bikes for over 40 years. Diamondback prides itself on offering customers a wide array of assembly and delivery options for their bikes, and offers both warranties and 30-day returns. Sponsoring a number of athletes and communities, Diamondback is a truly collaborative company, hiring bike enthusiasts to test and design all of their products.

As with most BMX brands, Diamondback offers mountain bikes in the full suspension and hardtail varieties, and also manufactures bikes for younger children. They also offer bikes for use on roads, in gravel, and in the city, and even electric Ebikes. Whatever biking needs you may have, Diamondback likely has an option for you.


Redline is often known as the original BMX bike brand. Founded in 1970 in Chatsworth, California, Redline was responsible for designing several revolutionary BMX bike components, such as forks and cranks made out of tubular chromoly. Redline started as a motorcycle frame company, but the BMX bike business took off after local riders noticed the custom bike frame that  founder Linn Kastan created for his son.

Today, Redline is one of the most trusted names in BMX, having created several iconic models over the years. Today, Redline sells BMX bikes for a variety of applications, such as freestyle, race, and cruiser, all in a variety of frame sizes. Their bikes are available in several component configurations, meaning that there are more affordable options among the range-toppers.


  • Founded: 2009
  • Website:
  • Products: Freestyle BMX Bikes, Big BMX Bikes, Cruiser Bikes, Street Bikes

Mafia is a newer BMX brand that has quickly become popular because of its product innovation and rider sponsorship. The company was founded in the UK in 2009 as Amity, and quickly began sponsoring top-tier riders such as Cam Hardy, Tammy McCarley, and Jeff Wescott. They rebranded as Mafiabikes in 2011, adding even more greats to the team, including Harry Main, Tomi Justice, and Declan Brooks.

Today, Mafia sells a full range of capable yet affordable freestyle BMX bikes and big BMX bikes in larger frame and wheel sizes. They also sell parts, wheels, tires, chains, and accessories. Mafia also makes high quality mountain, cruiser, and street bikes.

Here are some other great BMX bike brands:

  • Brave
  • Cult Crew
  • Dynacraft
  • Fit
  • Flybikes
  • Kent
  • Razor
  • Schwinn
  • United
  • Wethepeople


What is the best BMX bike brand?

The best BMX brand is Mongoose. Since their founding in 1974, they have been known for their BMX bikes and have sponsored countless champion BMX riders. Other great BMX bike brands include Haro, Easter, Elite, Kink, and Sunday.