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BASEketball Movie Rules And Regulations

Table of Contents

Layout of the Court

BASEketball is a sport that combines aspects of both baseball and basketball. It is played on one half of a regulation basketball court with a regulation-size basketball. The court is laid out as a smaller baseball field with marked shooting locations that get progressively farther from the basket. Each of these locations has three, outlined spots. The first set of spots is located at the foul line, which is 15 feet from the basket. If a basket is made here, it is called a single. The second set of spots is 20 feet from the basket, just beyond the regulation 3-pointer line for regulation high school basketball. If a basket is made here, it represents a double. The last set of spots is 25 feet from the basket. If a basket is made here, it counts as a triple. Additionally, the player can shoot from the half-court line for an automatic home run. Just like in baseball, there are four bases: first base, second base, third base and home.


Team Rules

When playing BASEketball, there are two teams of six players each, three offensive players and three defensive players. To start the game, both teams take turns shooting the ball from first base (the foul line) until one team makes a basket. The team that makes the basket gets to shoot first in each inning over the course of the game. After this order of play is determined, the players go back to their respective dugouts. Traditionally, the game is played over nine innings. An inning represents a turn for each team to shoot. During each inning, if a player misses a shot or steps out of the outlined spot for a shot, the player is considered out and can't shoot for the rest of the inning. A team gets three outs in each inning. Balls and strikes, a fixture of conventional baseball, are not part of BASEketball.



When a team plays offense, each of the offensive players chooses a base to shoot from and attempts to shoot the basketball into the hoop. After a shot is made, the player then runs to the base indicated by their shot. For example, if a player makes a single, the player runs to first base. If the next player makes a double, that player runs to second base and the earlier runner advances two bases to third base. A player scores a run when the shot required to get the player home, advancing around all four bases - is made by a teammate. In BASEketball, first and third base are located halfway down the field, about five feet in from out-of-bounds territory. Second base is located in the middle of the court about 10 feet from the half-court line.

Additionally, an offensive player is not allowed to shoot two of the same shots in a row. For example, if a player shoots a single the first time, the player's next at-bat, an opportunity to shoot the ball, must be for a double. Likewise, if a player makes a home run during an at-bat, the player must shoot for a single the next time up. This is known as a shooting cycle.


When playing defense, the three defensive players choose their matchups and guard the opposing players on offense. Each defensive player guards their respective offensive player when it is that player's turn to shoot. In BASEketball, defense is played by standing directly in front of your opponent while that player attempts a shot. Defense is probably the most entertaining part of the game. Almost anything is allowed on defense as long as the defensive player doesn't touch the offensive player or obstruct the offensive player's view of the basket. Defensive players can even use props to try and make the offensive player miss a shot. While one defensive player is guarding an opposing offensive player, the other two defensive players wait under the basket. Their job is to rebound the basketball to catch a missed shot when it hits off the backboard or the rim and attempt to make a basket for a double play, which counts as two of the three outs in any given inning. At the end of the game, the team that has scored the most runs is declared the winner.


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