Bicycle Motocross

Bicycle motocross

What is BMX?

Bicycle motocross (BMX) is an individual sport where riders race on BMX bikes at dirt tracks or compete in freestyle competitions at skate parks. A relatively new sport, BMX found its early foothold in the United States in the 1970s. The early beginnings were similar to motocross races, as races would take place on dirt tracks. However, the use of BMX bikes proved to be vastly different than the motocross variation. The BMX bikes are smaller and much lighter than ordinary bicycles. They are made this way to allow for the higher jumps across the dirt tracks.

BMX Freestyle

Along with BMX racing came along BMX freestyle, where riders perform different tricks in various environments to try and outduel other riders. The version of BMX just as popular as its racing counterpart. It became popular due to its difficulty in landing tricks and the increasing flair that riders continually added.

American Bicycle Association

The sport itself exploded when motocross companies took notice. They then began producing their BMX bikes, allowing the market for these bikes to boom. As this boom happened, organizations such as the American Bicycle Association (ABA) and the International BMX Federation paved the way for the future of the sport, helping to create world championships. Tracks were also popping up across the United States as consumers looked to compete in their hometowns.

Olympic BMX

BMX eventually found its way into the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Putting the sport on the world stage only helps the development of BMX across the world.

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